Silicone Wedding Bands For Men

Welcome To A New Tradition for Men

We hear from friends, family and customers that many guys find wearing a traditional wedding ring uncomfortable, especially if they have hands-on jobs or an otherwise active lifestyle. Other men absolutely love their wedding bands but often find themselves in situations where they are afraid of losing them. Jordan Jack is happy to offer you the best of both worlds by giving you a men’s silicone wedding band for FREE when you purchase your traditional wedding ring. Now you can demonstrate your commitment in all conditions - treasuring your heirloom ring while always having another cool and comfortable option at hand.

Be part of a new tradition with the help of Jordan Jack.

Why Silicone Wedding Bands for Men?

Is A Men's Silicone Ring The Same As A Rubber Ring?

No and yes. Silicone is a synthetic compound while rubber is found naturally. Each can be formulated for a wide range of uses. (There's also something called "silicone rubber".) While some may prefer to call it a rubber ring, we use a special silicone that is highly heat-resistant so you can enjoy wearing your ring in all conditions.

Are Men's Silicone Rings Safe?

Why Is Jordan Jack Offering Silicone Wedding Rings For Men?

How Can I Get A Free Men's Silicone Ring?

Jordan Jack is giving a free men's silicone band with every final purchase. We will send out the same size as the metal band you selected. Note that if you need to exchange the silicone band for a different size, you will be responsible for shipping costs.