Innovative business and amazing customer support. Responsive and friendly with amazing products. They stand by you as sometimes getting the perfect ring can be a challenge. My top recommendation to anyone looking for a ring.

Elizabeth Duran

I found this company after trying to find alternatives to going into a jewelry store due to covid and just buying online aimlessly. The try at home boxes were amazing! We ended up doing the at home try on twice and the second attempt we had a winner. The whole process was so smooth!

Easy communication with customer service, easy ordering, delivery and payment! The rings were all great quality and my husband loves the one we ended up choosing! Highly recommend this company!


I cannot verbalize how exceptional this company is. Prior to ordering a try at home box, I did a lot of research. My maternal grandfather's name was Jack Jordan... so it made me happy to order from your company.

My fiancè and I ordered a box and unexpectedly during our three day trial he had emergency surgery. We contacted the company for an extension. I appreciate your customer service, high quality products, and affordability. We will be purchasing two rings because we couldn't decide on one!

Highly recommend this company and the try at home boxes!!!


Really appreciated the overall process. My fiancè and I are eloping and needed a fast wedding band. The home try on feature was amazing for ensuring proper fit and style. Once we chose a band, it was ordered, engraved, and arrived in 3 days.

I was genuinely shocked at how fast and efficient the entire process was. From discovering this website existed, to having our band delivered, 10 day turnaround. Unbelievable but Fantastic!


My fiancè and I shopped Jordan Jack and Manly Bands for a shoot out in quality, style and price. We received both ring boxes and in the end, chose Jordan Jack. The styles to choose from were great, the price was way under the competitors and the overall service was super easy. Thank you for adding to our wedding.


I used the home try on 3 times before settling on a ring and could not be happier with the process. The rings came quickly and the return shipping could not have been easier. I love the product and get alot of compliments on my ring. Would HIGHLY recommend!


Best customer service of the decade for me! I ordered the wrong size ring and am getting married soon. Assuming, like most other online retail stores it would be a lengthy drawn out process, I wrote the regretful message to customer service inquiring about the punishment I was about to receive for accidentally messing up my size.

NOPE! instant response, they're mailing me a new ring right away with a return label for the other one! I'm truly impressed. Side note, first ring is awesome and looks just like the picture just doesn't fit right! #teamjordanjack


I was very impressed with not only the ring that I purchased, but with the customer service that I received as well. I ordered the wrong size for my fiancè, and Jack was very prompt about returning my messages and getting us a new ring out. Shipping for both rings were extremely fast and efficient.

This company has some of the best customer service that I have ever seen, and I think that is super important for a company to have. I would highly recommend purchasing a ring form Jordan Jack.


I am so impressed by Jordan and Jack! My husband and I absolutely love the rings and when we found out the ring we ordered was too large they were very pleasant, prompt, and helpful to deal with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for stylish good quality rings.


I cannot thank the Jordan Jack team enough for helping me in a pinch with this ring. My husband is absolutely obsessed with the ring and said, "Wow, I didn't think I was a jewelry guy, but this is cool." Shipping was extremely fast and efficient.

Also, shout out to Jordan for responding to me personally after I submitted a question about the process. Thank you for taking the time on a Saturday to respond to a customer - you're the real MVP!


I sought out a company that would make taking the first step towards marriage an easy process. I found Jordan Jack.

The process of choosing engagement ring options was so very easy. I also am thankful that I was given a little extra time to have my fiancé choose the ring we both liked and return them without incurring an extra charge.

We're engaged and have the beautiful rings to prove it. Thanks and thanks to Jordan Jack!!


Thank you JJ. Simple website, simple process, nice rings, good customer service. All around solid company, from my experience. I also want to thank Jack for responding personally to my inquiry around conflict-free tantalum and around the workshops they employ, which led me to go forward with my purchase.


Jordan Jack is the perfect place to shop for a ring, my situation was a little different from your traditional‚ "wedding ring" shopping experience. Although not advertised as engagement rings, it's EXACTLY what I was looking for.

I am proposing to my boyfriend and had to be discreet about ordering a ring, being that we are gay, the scenario can be stressful and overwhelming in a brick and mortar shop so this option was perfect. Their customer service went above and beyond to get me the right ring and size!

I told them my story and they were more than willing to help, LGBTQ Approved! It's a amazing concept that I will be recommending to friends and family. Lots of options and FAST shipping! Thanks Jordan Jack!


My fiancee and I have had the best experience with Jordan Jack! We live in NYC and were dreading going to the diamond district to get jostled and pressured into buying a ring he didn't love. The other alternative was running all over the city to find a reasonably priced store, or driving to a mall outside the city to look at retail providers (and hope the horror stories we hear aren't true).

But then I stumbled upon Jordan Jack and it was the solution to all our ring shopping troubles! My fiancee had a very particular idea of what he wanted in his wedding band, something unique yet timeless, and Jordan Jack did not disappoint!

We used the home try on option to narrow things down and although we had ordered a ring size that was far too big, we were able to easily return them and order the one he liked.

When the right ring came in and was still too small, Jordan himself helped us get the right size and return the other so easily! While it was a bit of back and forth to get the ring just right, Jordan was happy to help every step of the way and I actually said to my fiancee, "aren't you glad we get to do this from the comfort of our home rather than driving back and forth to the mall?" This was a wedding task that felt like it was going to be a huge challenge, but turned out to be completely painless!

Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect ring, Jordan Jack!


Jordan Jack is EXACTLY what I was looking for - a no-pressure solution to wedding rings, where you can try them on in the comfort of your own home. It's a wonderful concept that I hope catches on soon! By the way, the rings are awesome! Beautiful and classic, modern and cool - something to choose for everybody!

Karli B.

Okay...first things first. I'm in love with your branding. It's beautiful...from both a girl and a guy's perspective. When I presented the rings to my husband (By the way - this is his third wedding band. He's a farmer and keeps losing them in the fields.) you could tell he felt like this was something special.

He would have HATED if I had dragged him into a jewelry store. He would have hated having to stand there looking at 100 different rings. It's just not his thing. But handing him the box, letting him slide the packaging out, opening the three rings...He was totally shocked. (Keep in mind this was a total surprise. He had no idea what was in the box or what Jordan Jack is.)

He tried on each ring several times from the comfort of our bedroom. He double checked his size with your ring sizer and picked a ring within five minutes. It was so so easy and fun. He truly was happy with the whole idea of it.