Stylin Brunette: Wedding Band Shopping


As the wise woman Beyonce once said, If you like it then you better put a ring on it! Luckily Cory did put a ring on it, aka me. Now it was my turn!

Read along to see how Cory and I were able to shop for a men’s wedding band at home!

In case I haven’t told yall, I recently broke my right leg. It has been rough!!! One of the things I was most sad about (aside from losing my independence) was not being able to tackle the things on my wedding planning to-do list. Ordering Cory’s Wedding Band was top of the list! Cory did so good on my engagement ring that I really wanted to find him a ring he would love, as well as not overwhelm him with options and shopping. Cory, my introvert, does not like shopping. He particularly hates shopping that last longer than 5 minutes. One of the main reasons why I never take him shopping with me.

I was so lucky and excited to find Jordan Jack! Jordan Jack is a Men’s Wedding Band company that ships wedding bands right to your home. You pick 5 from the website and then they get shipped to you for you to try on! They also send you a tool to measure your finger to make sure you order the correct size. The best part is you have no commiment to buy if you do not like or love any of the rings! Oh and did mention they provide the return label to send the rings back with? Really this was perfect for us! It was so fun and magical to watch Cory receive the box and try on the rings, especially without the pressure of a salesperson watching.

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