Ruffled: How To Choose A Men’s Wedding Band That Lasts


Call us crazy, but grooms seem to get the short end of the stick wayyyy too often when it comes to the wedding. Especially when it comes to the question of how to choose a men’s wedding band. Grooms are becoming increasingly involved in the planning and decision-making process, and not just when it comes to the vendor selections or tabletop designs. These are big decisions, of course, but the one that makes the most long-lasting impact after the final dance and the sparkler exit? You guessed it… the wedding band! 

We give so much attention to selecting the perfect engagement ring, but why are we never asking how to choose a men’s wedding band that suits their style and elicits the same kind of emotional response we always dream about when it comes to our own? Truth be told, the options have traditionally been limited for men’s wedding rings. But I’m here to tell you that the days of lack are long gone. One of the leading companies providing unique wedding bands for men is Jordan Jack, and their mission is not only to show grooms on a global scale that they have choice, but that they should be asking the right questions before deciding on their band too.

So today we’re giving you the Holy Grail of checklists for how to choose a men’s wedding band that lasts in durability and emotional connection. One that leads you through the unique options to consider, the variables at play and these all-important questions to ask so you can avoid the hassle, pressure and general discomfort of seeing a jeweler in person and buy online in a quick + seamless process (with all the same perks). 

Men’s Wedding Rings Online

Jordan Jack is no stranger to the jewelry business. With 3 generations of experience, they wanted to give guys a refreshing alternative to the conveyor belt transactions you often find when visiting a storefront whose ratio of salespeople + security to nervous customers burdened with decision pressure is a little, well, unbalanced. Things get awkward. Grooms make a decision to alleviate said awkwardness. And years down the road, they wonder “what if?”. Jordan Jack’s laidback, yet tailored approach is the antithesis of this traditional model. Fittingly, their vast inventory of artisan-crafted men’s wedding bands including cobalt, silver, gold, tungsten and stainless steel styles is just as opposed to the “one sized fits all” approach to aesthetics as well. 

Grooms deserve choice, plain and simple. So Jordan Jack created a Home Try-On service that lets you choose 5 of your favorite styles, have them shipped to you for free and gives you the opportunity to sit with the options for 3 whole days before deciding which you want to move forward with. Talk about a breath of fresh air! They even provide a Ring Sizing Guide before your samples are shipped, so you’re not trying on some generic size that doesn’t actually fit your finger. 

If you’re wondering how you even begin to curate the rings you’ve bookmarked down to your top 5, we’ve got you covered. Vet each option using the below filters, and you can consider yourself a soon-to-be keeper of a durable wedding band you love.

How To Choose a Men’s Wedding Band That Lasts

What kind of metal do I prefer? 

Here’s the sitch: Traditional metals like yellow gold, platinum, silver, rose gold, palladium and white gold have been cult favorites since Lucille Ball first charmed Desi. Unsurprisingly, these classics are still among the most popular metals chosen for men’s wedding bands. Clean, polished, and forever emulating a sense of suave prestige, it’s not hard to see why many grooms today opt for one of these metals when choosing their own wedding band. 

Still, fortune favors the brave. And that’s why we’re seeing an increasing number of grooms lean in to the gravitational pull of alternative wedding band materials like tungsten, titanium, cobalt, tantalum and stainless steel. These not-so new kids on the block are gaining traction for their impressive durability combined with a more modern look + feel. Trust me, these hoops don’t lie! 

How might I personalize my wedding band? 

When it comes to your wedding band, there are more opportunities to customize than you might imagine. Adding meaningful stones or gems is one such way to personalize your wedding, though engraving and etching are popular options too! 

What kind of width seems ideal?  

Another question not to skip when shopping for men’s wedding bands concerns the width of the band (when looking down at your hand from a bird’s eye view). It’s a small, but significant detail that can make or break the look, feel and comfort on your own ring finger. Men’s wedding band widths are measured in mm, often ranging from 4mm to 9mm widths with 6mm being the most popular. If you’re unsure where to start, this medium width is a good place to land… at least until you can assess what direction you want to go (I.e. less narrow, more subtle, less heavy). 

It’s no coincidence that Jordan Jack’s Home Try On Box lets you get up close + personal with rings in varying sizes + widths. It was made for you to see how the different styles feel on your finger at different times of day, as your fingers swell or shrink with temperature fluctuations and the like, so you truly can get a sense of what width is most comfortable before you make things official.

What’s the deal with a finish anyhow?

Adding a finish to your wedding band is a great way to set it apart. Consider a classic look like a high polish finish or settle into a more textured state of mind, employing carbon fiber inlay, hammered, brushed or bronzed looks inspired by nature. These innovative touches are a wonderful way to add freshness and spirit to your wedding band, I’m not gonna lie! 

Does my wedding band need to match my partner’s? 

You know our motto… “You do you!” If we could have this tattooed on our foreheads we would. And it definitely applies here. While couples will often discuss how they might coordinate their bands (think stones that symbolize milestones in their relationship, subtle engraving on the inner bands, complementary finishes), there’s no royal decree saying your wedding bands should be identical twins. Wedding bands are deeply personal, so it’s only fitting that you let your heart guide you towards what you love, ultimately choosing something you feel is an authentic reflection of your style. 

How early should I start shopping?

It’s easy for wedding bands to become an afterthought when you’re sucked into the vacuum of wedding planning 10 milliseconds after getting engaged, but we encourage you to make the process of shopping for your wedding bands together a significant moment early on. This symbol of forever all too often gets left in the fray, weeks before the wedding date. At this point, your budget is largely spent and you cut it a bit too close for any engraving, resizing or changes that might need to be made before the wedding day. At least 3-6 months before the wedding day is ideal, but tbh, it’s never too early to start shopping for your wedding band.

What is my budget? 

Metal, finish, custom stones or engraving will all impact the cost of the ring, so be sure to factor that in as you begin your search. You can expect the alternative metals like tungsten and tantalum to sit on the lower end of the price spectrum than a precious metal like gold, but generally a men’s wedding band from Jordan Jack will range from $109-$700. 

What is my lifestyle like? 

This brings us to the subject of durability – an important consideration when selecting your band! If you work in construction, mechanics, welding or generally any field that’s primarily hands-on, you’ll want to consider metals that are easy to clean, resist scratches or bending and offer flexible solutions for removal in case of emergencies. Generally, titanium and tungsten are safe bets for those in search of a wedding band that can withstand the wear and tear of their physical job and everyday life. 

Pro Tip: If you’re prone to allergies or have sensitive skin, set yourself up for success by choosing a band that employs hypoallergenic wedding ring metals.

We hope these questions provide a guiding light for you as you begin your search for the perfect wedding band. When in doubt, go with your gut! And never forget the reason behind this milestone decision in the first place. 

Check out the full range of men’s wedding bands available from Jordan Jack here to get started, and take a peek at past Home Try On boxes others have put together if you want to knock on inspiration’s door. Jordan Jack is sweetening the deal even further by offering a complimentary silicone wedding band with the purchase of a primary ring. So if you’ve made it to this point and you’re still wondering, “Will I really wear a wedding band all the time?”, now my friend, you’re spoiled for choice. 

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