Press Release: Jordan Jack Driving Innovation With Home Try On Wedding Bands


Delray Beach, FL, 03/13/18 — Online retailer Jordan Jack has its sights set on fundamentally disrupting the way consumers shop for wedding bands via the introduction of its direct-to-consumer Home Try On wedding band program. gives consumers the ability to shop for, ship, and try up to five wedding bands on at a time – at home and at no cost.

The founders of Jordan Jack have deep experience in the jewelry business, and with it a keen understanding of the traditional pitfalls inherent in the purchase a wedding band, as well as an awareness that there had been virtually no real innovation applied to address what has become an oftentimes intimidating and frustrating process.

Co-Founder Jordan Yoder states, “our goal was to create a wedding-band shopping experience that was not only painless, but fun. We have over a century of combined jewelry industry experience. We know the market, we know how to make world-class jewelry, and we knew there was a far better way to sell it. Jordan Jack is really the answer to the pain points customers were communicating to us.”

And, with over 2.3 million weddings held annually, there are plenty of customers. The U.S. wedding industry hit $72 billion in revenue in 2016, and it has become commonplace for engaged couples to leverage apps, mobile devices, and platforms like Pinterest while planning their nuptials. However, the online wedding band market remains largely untapped, particularly for grooms-to-be. “Other companies sell wedding rings online, but we’re the first to focus on breaking down traditional sales barriers and reducing anxiety by completely removing the risk,” says Yoder. “I wouldn’t wish a trip to a mall jewelry store on my worst enemy.”

An embrace of both transparency and simplicity is at the heart of the recently launched retailer. Yoder continued, “We craft a wide range of rings in a wide range of price points - from contemporary metals to traditional gold. Our prices are clearly marked and there is no upsell to contend with. It’s important that we have something for everyone. But more than anything, our product is simplicity and certainty. The Home Try On program delivers both. Our customers are 100% confident about their purchases as they’ve lived with their chosen rings. Jordan Jack really is forever-after, made easy.”

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ABOUT JORDAN JACK The founders of Jordan Jack have more than 100 years of combined experience in the jewelry business, and with it a keen understanding of the traditional pitfalls inherent in the purchase a wedding band. Launched in 2018, our philosophy is simple: we want to provide our customers with a more convenient and enjoyable way to buy a wedding band - one without the hassle of malls, jewelry stores, and pushy sales people. We believe that the process of buying a wedding band should be stress-free and easy, without sacrificing knowledgeable service or ring-quality.