Inspired by This: 7 Things To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged


This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! You’re engaged – congrats!! You’ve taken your ring selfie, you’ve said “we’re getting married!” probably a million times, and now it’s time to start thinking about the decisions you’ll be making in the wedding planning process. It can be a bit inundating to think about the people you have to contact and all that you have to get done, but we’re here to tell you, don’t be overwhelmed! We have gathered our best tips to help you ease into the process. These are the things to do as soon as you get engaged:


1. First Things First, Get Expert Advice- You can think of the ladies at Here Comes the Guide as your girlfriends who work in the wedding industry trenches.  They are totally on the wedding planning ride with you and will help you with anything you need every step of the way! Their company is run on girl power and with one peek at their site, you will know you have found your new wedding planning BFF.


2. We’ve Got an App For That- As if you didn’t think you were on-the-go enough already, now that you’re engaged, you will start to feel busy as ever. Well, this one little app is going to change your life! With Ceremony App you can schedule everything from creating and sharing your event schedule, dates, locations, RSVPs, maps, and more. Not only that, but on your wedding day all your guests can upload their images to the app so you can browse your guests’ photos from the entire night!


3. Listen to An Educational Podcast- I’m sure you’ve already begun to think about the wedding dress shopping process. And if you’re anything like us and you don’t know where to start, The Gown and Beyond podcast is for you! It will not only explore and explain the bridal process but also give you a glimpse of everything that happens behind the scenes. Basically, everything no one ever told you about shopping for your dress is only a listen away!


4. Start Thinking About A Date- The most desirable wedding dates and venues get booked far in advance, so if you’re hoping to get married sooner rather than later it’s smart to nail down a date. Euri Wong, lead designer at Bloominous, tells us “When choosing a wedding date, consider the season as that can dictate a lot of your decisions. If your dream venue is outdoors, make sure there’s a rain plan. Additionally, the season will determine which flowers you can and cannot use. This will also help you narrow down your color scheme choices to set the tone for your wedding.”


5. Pick Out Your Wedding Bands

We all know that the engagement ring is often top priority when thinking about rings, but we’re here to tell you to not let the wedding bands take a back seat. Not a fan of malls, dealing with sometimes pushy sales people, or searching forever to not find what you were looking for? We recently came across Jordan Jack, an at-home try on service for men’s wedding bands where you can choose 5 of their carefully selected list of exclusive bands and have them shipped directly to your home. You then have 3 days to live with your different rings before making a decision. Sounds like a dream, right?!

6. Ask Your Girls to be a Part of Your Tribe- Choosing which friends and family to stand beside you on your special day is an important yet sometimes stressful task. As we all know, being a bridesmaid is a true commitment of time and finances, so it’s important to show these girls how much they mean to you. A creative yet modern way to pop the question? The divinely curated gift boxes from Lauren Ashley Studios let you carefully select beautiful products for each box depending on the personality and interests of your bridesmaids. Each girl will get products they love, and your life is made easier by ordering pre-boxed gifts in beautiful packaging. Win, win!


7. Search For Your Wedding Pros- No more stressful searches! Discover wedding pros matching your every need with Wedspire, the one-stop-shop for wedding planning. It’s as simple as taking their style and budget quiz and being hooked up with hand-picked inspiration from swoon-worthy real weddings. You can discover everything from venues, to stationery, to beauty services all in one easy-to-use platform.


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