When Is It Ok for a Man to Take His Wedding Ring Off?

Sometimes it’s okay to take it off. Here are 10 good times to remove that ring.


“Till Death Do Us Part” is a sacred vow, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to the wearing of the ring. We know you love your wedding band and plan to wear it forever. But there are some instances where it’s best to take your ring off.


Sometimes you should take it off to avoid the risk of damaging it, sometimes you should take it off because you risk damaging yourself, and sometimes it’s for both reasons combined. Here’s a look at the 10 most common activities that shouldn’t be done while wearing your wedding band: 


1. At the Gym

When you head to the gym for a workout it’s best to leave your wedding ring at home in a safe place. Gym equipment is prime ground for getting your band caught on something, risking not only your ring but your finger as well. You can easily bend or crack your wedding ring while at the gym and it’s also common for the bending to loosen any diamonds you have set into your band. Salt from your sweat and the friction between your band and gym equipment are bad for your ring’s finish, not to mention the buildup that can occur in the crevices of your ring and also between your band and your skin.


2. At the Pool or the Beach

Salt and chlorine are not at all friendly to wedding bands. They are corrosive and harsh to the finish of your ring. In addition, if the water is cool your finger might shrink a little, allowing your ring to slide right off your finger. In a pool you might get lucky and find it but if you lose your ring in the ocean it’s gone forever. Better safe than sorry, so take that puppy off before you go for a dip.


3. When You’re Cleaning

Bleach, ammonia, and abrasive cleaners are your wedding ring’s worst enemy. Even the most resilient metals can be affected by the chemicals in your cleaning supplies. It’s also common for people to lose a ring when removing gloves after they’re done cleaning; the ring can slip off inside the glove and you may not even notice. If you use disposable gloves you may end up throwing your ring away by accident. When you’re cleaning or doing household tasks take your ring off first.


4. Showering/Applying Products/Washing Your Hands

Not only can your wedding band get slippery and fall off (and possibly go down the drain!), it can also get product build-up which can damage the finish over time. The product build-up and moisture between your ring and your skin can also cause the dreaded Wedding Ring Rash. Symptoms include red, itchy, scaly skin and rash. Some people mistakenly believe they’re allergic to their wedding ring when it’s really caused by irritation from soap and product residue. It’s best to remove your ring whenever you’re washing your hands, showering, or getting ready for the day. If you must wear it be sure to wash, rinse, and dry thoroughly, especially where your ring comes into contact with your skin.


5. Working with Tools and Equipment

Working with tools, heavy machinery, and other equipment can be dangerous enough without the added hazard of wearing a wedding band while doing so. A ring can easily get snagged and cause an accident. It’s also easy for your ring to get nicked, scratched, bent, or otherwise damaged when you’re doing this kind of work. We know you love the ring you’ve chosen and we know you also love having all of your fingers, so put that ring aside when you’re working hard with your hands. 


6. When You’re Sick or Undergoing a Medical Procedure

Colds, flu, and other illnesses can leave you feeling puny and dehydrated. Other illnesses can cause you to retain fluids and your fingers may swell and feel tight. In these cases your wedding ring can either fall off or get stuck on your finger. In a hospital setting rings can carry bacteria from patient to patient, increasing the risk of infection for everyone. If you’re having a surgical procedure or MRI you’ll be required to remove any jewelry you’re wearing. Best to leave it at home where you know it’s safe rather than risk misplacing or losing it at the hospital or medical office.


If you’re a doctor or other medical professional there are a few options. Some wear their rings in an office setting and take it off in the hospital. Some don’t wear a wedding ring to work at all. Others have found creative ways to wear their ring without keeping it on their finger. Tying it onto scrub pants seems to be a common solution but also a common way to lose a ring. We definitely don’t recommend this. Wearing it on a chain or other necklace is a great way to keep it close without losing it or subjecting it to the germs and bacteria your hands encounter.


7. Cooking and Baking

Wearing your ring while cooking or baking is a recipe for disaster (pun intended.) Many wedding ring metals are conductive, so if you come into contact with something hot your ring may cause a burn. The bacteria from raw meats and other food products can get trapped in the crevices of your ring or between your ring and your skin. Flour and fats used in baking are some of the hardest things to get out of the nooks and crannies of a wedding band, so please take off your ring when you’re working in the kitchen.


If you work in a food business all of the above applies, plus you’re likely to be wearing disposable gloves. Putting gloves on and taking them off all day really ups the risk that you’ll accidentally throw your ring away inside of a glove or that it will be pulled off and lost when you remove your gloves. This is another career where you shouldn’t wear a wedding band at work.


8. When You’re Sleeping

Most people don’t think of this one. When you’re asleep, your ring can get caught on hair (ouch) or on the sheets and blankets. The weight of your body against a wedding band can warp, twist, and bend your ring and can also cause any stones to loosen over time. Also, if you’re one of those people that flails around and throws elbows in your sleep you can really hurt yourself or your spouse with your ring. That doesn’t make for a very happy marriage so take that potential weapon off before you snooze!


9. In the Garden

Dirt and soil are hard to clean off of a wedding or engagement ring. Also, as mentioned above, gloves up the potential of losing your ring. You’re likely to be working with tools here as well, which is another no-no. Leave your ring in a safe place before you head out to do yard work; you’ll be happy you did.


10. Painting and other projects

When you’re painting or doing other projects it’s likely that you’ll get paint, glue, or other stuff in the crevices of your ring. Trying to clean this stuff out is a tough job and often the chemicals you will use to accomplish the task can damage your ring. If you’re ready to tackle that honey-do list, take your ring off and put it in a safe place while you work.


Jordan Jack

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