What’s the Best Wedding Ring Metal for Men with Allergies?

Appeal to your skin’s sensitive side with our favorite hypoallergenic metals for your wedding or engagement band.


So, you’re a sensitive guy. Everyone knows you’re a romantic at heart and you love puppies as much as the rest of us…but that’s not the kind of sensitive we’re talking about. Your particular brand of sensitive goes beyond feelings and emotions; you wear your sensitivity right on your skin.


It may sound like an aversion to marriage, but wedding ring rash is actually a fairly common skin condition also known as wedding ring dermatitis. You’ll notice it under the band of a ring and it may start as a little red patch or some tiny bumps and then may progress to peeling or flaking skin, increased redness, dryness, and itchiness. 


So, what can cause wedding ring rash? Irritated skin under your wedding or engagement ring doesn’t always mean you have an allergy. Constant contact with the skin, buildup of soap and other stuff, moisture, and true allergies can all be the culprits causing that annoying ring rash.


Room to Breathe

Since rings are often worn around the clock, the skin beneath doesn’t often get time to breathe and air out. This can cause irritation and sensitivity. If you suspect this might be the cause of your ring rash, try wearing your ring on a different finger for a few days. You can apply some hydrocortisone cream to the irritation and see if that clears it up.


When you’re ready to put your ring back on that finger, make some time each day to give your skin a break. You could take your ring off before you go to bed, for instance, and let your skin have its freedom while you sleep.


Don’t Bring the Funk (or the gunk)

Here’s where things get kinda gross…


All day, while you’re doing all the things you do, stuff is accumulating under your ring. Dirt, germs, bacteria, cosmetic build up from your hair and skin products, and even soap residue get trapped beneath the band and can cause wedding ring rash. Especially if you develop an allergy or sensitivity to your soap, products, or something else you’ve encountered in your environment, that accumulation can really irritate your skin.


The first step to fixing this problem is to get your ring professionally cleaned. You can take it to most jewelers and have this done. Once your ring is nice and clean, keep it that way by taking it off when you shower, bathe, wash your hands, or apply lotions or products. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly throughout your day, making sure to clean under and around your ring if you’re wearing it. Rinse well and dry completely before putting your ring back on.


Get your ring professionally cleaned once in a while to keep the buildup at bay.



Moisture is generally great for your skin, but when it’s trapped under your wedding or engagement ring it can be your skin’s worst enemy. Washing your hands, exercise, swimming, or any sweaty activity (keep your mind out of the gutter!) can all lead to the dreaded ring rash.


This one is pretty simple; just make sure you dry under your ring any time your hands get wet or sweaty. It helps to dry the inside of your band as well so that any moisture on that surface won’t cause you trouble.


Metal Allergies

If you’ve been diligent about all of the above and you still have a wedding ring rash, you very likely have a metal allergy. Nickel is the usual suspect here. If you’ve ever had a rash near your belly button where metal from your jeans button sits on your skin or where your belt buckle peeks over the top of your pants, a nickel allergy is the most likely cause.


Nickel is used in many everyday things, from keys, belt buckles, snaps and zippers, to coins, keys, phones, and jewelry. It’s used in jewelry because alloying it with other metals helps make jewelry stronger and more scratch resistant. It’s also among the cheapest of alloys, which is attractive to manufacturers.


It’s most common to have an allergy to nickel, but it is possible to be allergic to other metals such as copper or lead or, rarely, precious metals. A dermatologist or allergist can do a simple patch test to tell whether or not you have a metal allergy.


Hypoallergenic Metals

If you’re the kind of guy who gets all itchy and irritated when you wear jewelry, you’re not alone. Many people have skin sensitivities and allergies, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find a great engagement or wedding ring. All you have to do is choose the right metal.


Choosing a ring made of hypoallergenic metal can help you avoid bumps, redness, and rashes. There are several metals that are considered hypoallergenic and they all make great looking, skin friendly wedding bands and engagement rings.


Here are our top 4 picks for hypoallergenic wedding ring metals:


4. Cobalt

Originally used in the medical and aerospace industries for ultra-cool things like jet engine turbines and orthopedic implants, cobalt is becoming more and more popular in jewelry. Four times harder than platinum, it’s amazingly strong and durable. It’s also scratch, corrosion, and chip-resistant and is easily resizable. Cobalt is versatile, beautiful, and affordable, with a bright and shiny appearance and exceptionally smooth feel on the finger.


For a classic look with a modern twist, try Jordan Jack’sCobalt Two-Tone Rose and White Band.


3. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel wedding bands are very on-trend right now and it’s no wonder. In addition to being hypoallergenic, stainless steel is strong and durable and can handle your day-to-day tasks without being any worse for wear. It’s masculine yet very lightweight, so it feels comfortable on your hand and is highly resistant to corrosion, tarnishing, and rust. Stainless steel is scratch resistant and easy to clean. It’s also very versatile and design friendly, enabling it to be polished from a bright shiny finish to a more satin or matte look and can be worked into modern and unique styles. It is also more eco-friendly than other metals, requiring less energy and producing less waste during manufacturing (and it is 100% recyclable but we know you won’t be recycling your wedding ring!)


TheStainless Steel and 1/10 CTTW Diamond Bandlooks nothing like any stainless steel you’ve ever seen. With brushed detailing on a polished band and diamonds set in the center, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks.


2. Sterling Silver

Silver is a precious metal that was once considered more valuable than gold. Today we value it for its radiance and brilliance and for its undeniable value - it’s one of the most affordable of the precious metals. Because it is so malleable, sterling silver can be made into a multitude of styles and takes engraving beautifully. It can be carved with intricate shapes and details, making it one of the most versatile hypoallergenic wedding band materials.


From traditional to modern, sterling silver fits any taste and is a timeless look for your engagement or wedding ring. It also ages beautifully and doesn’t take as long to develop a nice patina that makes it look like it’s been yours forever. If you don’t love how it ages, sterling silver can be polished at any time to look brand new again. All Jordan Jack silver bands are rhodium plated to protect them from tarnish and help them to keep their brilliant finish.


TheSterling Silver Two-Tone Faceted Bandis worlds apart from the sterling silver in your grandmother’s china cabinet. A glimmering polished band holds a striking black insert with a faceted texture.


1. Titanium

99% pure, with an impressive list of qualities, titanium comes in at #1 on our list. Stronger than steel yet super lightweight, it’s like the Superman of wedding band materials. It’s durable, tough, and resistant to scratches, tarnishing, and corrosion. Titanium won’t bend, chip, or break due to its remarkable hardness. It offers a rich look at a price more affordable than platinum and it’s made to last a lifetime.


With all of these strengths you’d be forgiven for overlooking titanium’s softer side, but it’s gentle on even the most delicate skin. Softness and strength all in one good-looking package…sound like anyone you know?


With a unique black braided center, Jordan Jack’sTitanium Black Mesh Center Bandis a perfect balance of traditional and new. A great choice for the rugged types.


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