Wedding Rings as Good as (White) Gold

Searching for the gold standard of men’s wedding bands? Look no further than white gold.


Few things can rival the classic look and timeless style of a white gold wedding band. Trends come and go but gold, particularly white gold, never goes out of style. It has endured the test of time and withstood the fickle whims of fashion. Simply put – men’s white gold wedding bands are a sure bet, now and for years to come.


With so manymetals to choose fromwhen you’re shopping for your wedding band, you may feel overwhelmed. Rest assured, you’ll have no regrets when you choose white gold or a white gold alternative for your ring, andJordan Jack’sselection of unique men’s wedding bands makes it easy to find one that’s good as gold. 


What is White Gold? Is it Real Gold?

White gold is most definitely real gold.


Gold jewelry is widely available in three colors; yellow, rose, and white. Pure gold is a bright yellow and isn’t a great choice for jewelry due to its soft nature. As such, gold is typically alloyed with other metals to make it stronger so it can handle the daily wear endured by jewelry. The metals with which it is alloyed gives gold its different hues.


White gold is pure gold that is alloyed with silvery-white metals to dilute the yellow color, provide strength and durability, and give it the desired white luster.


White gold, like other gold, is categorized by the amount of pure gold it contains. In wedding jewelry, 14 karat gold provides the best ratio of pure gold to alloy metals to make it both beautiful and durable.


Originally developed to imitate platinum, white gold now enjoys a popularity all its own.


Why We Love White Gold…and Why You’ll Love It Too

There is so much to love about white gold. Combining the best of both worlds between gold and platinum, white gold reigns king in white metals for wedding rings. It has the same bright, lustrous appearance as platinum and silver, but boasts a more affordable price tag than platinum and is more hard wearing than silver.


White gold’s neutral color is a beautiful compliment to any gemstone or diamond and it is easily suited to both classic and modern styles. It has a timeless, high quality look and feel with a versatility that’s hard to rival. A 14k white gold men’s wedding band is a classic choice that will withstand the test of time.


A precious metal, white gold is a great alternative to platinum. It is less expensive than platinum, requires less maintenance than platinum, and is harder and more scratch resistant than platinum.



Our Favorite White Gold Wedding Bands

Jordan Jack has beautifulwhite gold wedding bandsmade with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We’re proud to offer these white gold wedding ring designs and are confident you’ll find the one you’ll love for life.


  • Classic. Timeless. Gorgeous. Our14kt White Gold High Polished Bandfeatures a smooth comfort fit and high polished finish that shines like…well, gold. No matter your taste or style, this men’s white gold band fits perfectly.

14KT White Gold High Polished Band, 6mm

  • This14kt White Gold High Polished Milgrain Bandis simple, understated, and elegant. Made for the man who possesses a quiet confidence, this polished white gold men’s wedding ring is adorned with a detailed milgrain edge that sets it apart.

14KT White Gold High Polished Milgrain Band, 5mm

  • Jordan Jack’s14kt White Gold High Polished Band, 4mmis anything but standard. The narrow, high polished band bridges the past with the present. The white gold comfort fit wedding band ensures you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it while the stunning shine will command attention. If you’re looking for a men’s ring in white gold, you can’t go wrong with this one.

14KT White Gold High Polished Band, 4mm


Alternatives to White Gold

While we love white gold for so many reasons, we know it’s not for everyone. Every metal has its advantages and disadvantages which must be weighed when choosing your wedding ring material. If you love the look of white gold but are looking for a metal with different properties, Jordan Jack has you covered! Here are some of our favorite white gold alternatives to help you find the ring that’s right for you:


  • Sterling Silver: Sterling silver is a versatile white metal that can take on many finishes. From high polished shine to matte finish and everything in between, sterling silver gives you endless options at a very affordable price. Best of all, wear and tear are easily erased with cleaning and polishing, making it simple to return sterling silver to its original finish and luster.

Sterling Silver High Polished Band, 8mm

Jordan Jack’sSterling Silver High Polished Bandcombines the classic look of a traditional wedding band with a modern comfort fit that feels great on your finger. High polished radiance perfectly complements the wide band, making this a marriage of old and new that will last a lifetime.



  • Titanium: Similar in appearance to white gold, titanium boasts excellent strength and durability. It is also extremely lightweight, so if you’re not used to wearing jewelry titanium might be the perfect choice for you.

Titanium Diamond Solitaire Band 1/20CTTW, 8mm

OurTitanium Diamond Solitaire Bandfeatures a modern look with a brushed titanium outer band and a single diamond nestled perfectly in the center. Contoured polished edges ensure a smooth comfortable fit that compliments the gleaming inner band.


  • Tungsten: Tungsten is the hardest metal available for wedding jewelry. As such, it is nearly scratch-proof and incredibly resistant to wear and tear. Tungsten is also heavy, making it a great option for those who love the heft of a weighty ring.

White Tugsten Brushed Center Double Grooved Fashion Band, 8mm

With a bright finish that looks much like white gold, Jordan Jack’sWhite Tungsten Brushed Center Double Grooved Fashion Bandgives you the best of both metals. Double grooves surround a brushed finish center while the high polished edge provides a comfort fit. Tarnish resistant, durable and strong, this ring has everything you’re after.


  • Stainless Steel: Prized for its anti-corrosion properties, strength, and durability, stainless steel is gaining traction in the wedding ring world. It is easily cleaned with soap and water and is hygienic, hypoallergenic, and tarnish-resistant.

Stainless Steel And 1/10 CTTW Diamond Band, 7mm

OurStainless Steel and 1/10 CTTW Diamond Bandis a stunning alternative to white gold. Ten sparkling diamonds are framed by a brushed stainless steel inner band while textured grooves give way to polished comfort fit edges. A high polished inner band adds the perfect finishing touch.



  • Cobalt: Cobalt is an up-and-coming favorite among platinum and white gold enthusiasts. Its natural white hue is about as close as you can get to platinum, yet it is even more affordable than both platinum and white gold. Additionally, cobalt is extremely durable, highly scratch resistant, shatterproof, non-tarnishing, and has great design versatility.

Cobalt Two-Tone Rose Gold Tone And White Band, 8mm

ThisCobalt Two-Tone Rose Gold and White Bandcombines the look of white gold with eye-catching rose gold accents. Brushed cobalt bricks are flanked by rose gold and high polished cobalt, while the inner band gleams with a smooth comfort finish.



  • Tantalum: Somewhat darker than platinum and white gold, tantalum has an appealing luster that’s manly and versatile. It’s one of the most scratch resistant metals available and is also corrosion resistant, durable, and strong. Additionally, tantalum has the coolness factor on its side with a futuristic and industrial feel.

Tantalum Milgrain Band, 5MM

The Jordan JackTantalum Milgrain Bandsports a milgrain edge reminiscent of industrial gears with a brushed tantalum center band. The polished inner band gives a smooth comfortable fit that perfectly complements this ring’s design. 


Jordan Jack’s Good as Gold Service

When it’s time to find your men’s white gold band or ring, head over toJordan Jackto shop in the comfort of your own home. OurHome Try On Serviceis as good as gold, and makes it easy to find exactly what you want without the hassle of in-person shopping. See how it workshereand then get started by putting together your own Home Try On box.


We look forward to helping you find the ring you’ll love for all the years to come!

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