We are here to disrupt a business that hasn’t changed in over 100 years

Jordan Jack is changing the way you buy wedding bands and we are fired up about it!


We built Jordan Jack to disrupt the old school way of buying a wedding band. We wanted to create a process and a way for people to enjoy the wedding band shopping experience. We know how stressful a wedding can be and buying a band should be the last thing you should stress about.

Trust me when I tell you that I have been there before. I think a lot of men and women would say the same thing. We, at Jordan Jack, want you to be happy with your purchase and say “Wow, that was easy”. Simplify the process, mark one more item off that checklist of To Do’s before the big day.

Jordan Jack built with the intention of helping people with a process that should be fun and exciting. It was built on the idea of bringing rings into your home to try on and live with for a few days - take your time deciding on the ring that will be on your hand forever. You make a ton of rushed decisions in the course of your day or even week - so take a few days to really make a decision on what you can see being on your hand for years to come.

Give Jordan Jack a try and tell all your friends how easy the process was. We built this company so people don’t have to rush to the mall and hate the experience of buying a wedding band.

You’ll thank us later!


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