Top Five Proposal Ideas for Gay Men

Your proposal will be one-of-a-kind with Jordan Jack’s Top Five Proposal Ideas for Gay Men


You know he’s The One and you’re ready to propose. Your relationship is no ordinary affair and you want a pop-the-question moment that reflects your personalities, style, and unique take on life. Jordan Jack is here to help with creative ideas for this once in a lifetime event.

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When you’re ready to get down on one knee, decide whether you’re going to keep it sweet and simple or go elaborate and over the top. No matter what you choose, be sure to steer clear of cheesy and cliché.

Here’s Jordan Jack’s Top Five Proposal Ideas for Gay Men to help you make it amazing:


1. The Posh Proposal

So, your guy loves the finer things in life. If your budget allows for it, give him a day of posh pampering that will make him feel like a king. Then you can tell him that you want him to be your king every day for the rest of your lives.

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The morning of the proposal, have him picked up by chauffeured limousine that will be your ride for the day. Have him taken to the best spa in town and treat him to his favorite treatments, VIP style with champagne and lunch as part of the deal. Consider a couples massage or mud wrap. After he’s sufficiently relaxed and pampered, go to a posh hotel or a trendy boutique hotel where you can both get changed and ready for shopping and dinner. Hop back into the limo and head to his favorite luxury store. Buy him something he’s had his eye on or whatever strikes his fancy that day. After shopping, go to dinner at his favorite restaurant or one that’s known for its luxury. Order the best the place has to offer and don’t skimp on the wine or champagne. When you’ve finished dinner, the limousine can take you back to the hotel to end the day. Once there, make sure you wear the fluffy robes, don the monogrammed slippers, and order room service dessert and late-night snacks. The proposal itself can come at any point that feels right to you; either at the spa, his favorite store, the restaurant, or wait until it’s just the two of you at the hotel. Feel free to pepper in luxurious gifts throughout the day; luxury candles, a new pair of silk pajamas, coveted beauty products…whatever you can think of to make him feel like a million bucks.   


2. Memory Lane

If your beau is the sentimental type who loves milestones and memories, take a stroll down memory lane to make your proposal.

You could take him to the place you first met and try to recreate the moment. If you can find what you both were wearing that day/night, you get bonus points! You could even make a game of pretending you don’t know each other and you’re meeting again for the first time…but this time you’re going to propose to a perfect stranger and ask that he spend his life with you.

Make a scavenger hunt of the places that have held special meaning to the two of you throughout your relationship. You could start where you first met and keep progressing through the places along the timeline of your history with sweet notes recalling the moments you shared at each location. The finish line of the scavenger hunt – the place where you propose – could be completely new to the two of you; a place where you’re making a brand-new, extra special memory together.


3. Photophile

Does your man love to take photos? Is he the type who photographs every single moment of your lives? If so, use that as inspiration for your proposal.

You can scour his extensive photo files to find the ones that best illustrate your history together to make a photo book that tells your story. Leave blank pages at the end with the words “To Be Continued…” and ask him if he will commit to filling in the rest with you. You could also take a photo of the ring and include that on one of the last pages of the book.

Find a photo booth somewhere and convince him to go in with you (who are we kidding…he lives for photo booths!) Ignore the photos being snapped and just start talking without looking at the camera; talk about random memories and make him think you’re wasting the photo booth time. He’ll likely get annoyed at some point and you can make your proposal before the last photos are being snapped. The photo series will be priceless, as his face goes from annoyance to joy.

Tell him you want to have a couples photo shoot. Hire a photographer, get dressed up, find a great location (or let him plan the whole thing if that’s what he’s into.) At some point, get down on one knee and let him know that this photo shoot is actually an engagement photo shoot. Not only will you have great photos of the proposal, you’ll also have your engagement photos done on the spot!


4. These Are a Few of His Favorite Things

Key into your love’s favorite hobbies or things that make him tick for a proposal that’s truly personal.

Does he love music? Hire a busker to sing a song just for the two of you as you “happen” to pass by. Make a mixtape, write a song, or have a special song recorded. Go to a bar and have the live musicians play a song, or ask to get on stage yourself if you’re musically inclined.

For a low-key book lover’s proposal, insert a sweet note into the book he’s currently reading or tie a beautiful engagement ring to a bookmark and put it in his book. Be ready to propose when he finds it.

If yours is a movie buff, have a trailer made and pay the theater to air it before the film. Bonus points if the audience is full of family and friends to witness the moment.

Incorporate your proposal into trivia night, karaoke night or whatever “night” he enjoys attending. If he loves going out on the town, find a way to tweak it for your proposal.

If he’s a Disney fanatic, there are a million ways to have an amazing Disney proposal. The sky’s truly the limit on this one. Same goes for favorite sports teams.


5. Holiday…Celebrate

Every holiday or occasion presents an opportunity for a memorable proposal. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas are obvious ones, but don’t forget other unique chances to pop the big question.

Easter is a less common holiday on which to propose but it has a lot of potential for creativity. Perhaps you or your partner has nieces or nephews who love an Easter egg hunt? Hide your engagement ring in an egg and have him hunt for it under the guise of “helping” the kids. A glow-in-the-dark egg hunt could be even more fun. Kids aren’t strictly necessary; feel free to set up an egg hunt just for the two of you.

If either of you are Irish (or even if you’re not,) take advantage of St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Let him know you’re the lucky one or that he’s your lucky charm by presenting him with your gay engagement ring.

Independence Day, Hanukkah, Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, Gay Pride Week, Summer Solstice…even make up your own holiday! Every occasion is a good occasion to ask him to marry you.


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Congrats to you both from Jordan Jack!

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