Top 10 Tantalum Wedding Rings


When it comes to picking the perfect wedding band, you have a smorgasbord of options — so many that it can seem overwhelming. Metal isn’t necessarily a given anymore with options like wood and silicone on the market, and, even if you do narrow it down to a metal band, you still have a seemingly infinite number of choices. What’s a groom to do?


Tantalum for True Love

All of the metals on the market have their place — it comes down to what you think is the best symbol of your love. If you’re looking for some guidance, though, one of our favorites (and a favorite for many of our grooms) is tantalum. It’s an extremely strong metal that’s hard, durable, resistant to corrosion and can be made with many gorgeous finishes. It’s also a heavy ring that feels comfortably solid on your hand. Talk about strong and beautiful.


When it comes to these lovely rings, here are our top ten.


A Stylish Statement

Looking for something that proclaims both your love and your sense of style? OurTwo-Tone Rose and Black Frozen Centermight be just the ring for you. It’s classy and dignified with just a hint of edginess, and its ion-plating technology means it’s durable and scratch-resistant. It’s rose gold on the inside and brush textured black on the outside with an iced carbon fiber ridge inlay reminiscent of luxurious marble stone. It’s the perfect symbol of the harmony found between two hearts when they become one.


A Budget-Conscious Classic

At $149, ourTantalum Scratch Satin Finish Bandhas all the look of a traditional silver wedding band, but it’s made from sturdy, scratch-resistant materials. It features a scratch finish satin texture resting between polished step edges and is the perfect combination of strength and passion for your special day. It symbolizes everything you might want to say about the strength and durability of your love and is a symbol that will last forever.


Something to Set You Apart

If you’re a groom with a bit of class — one who wants to stand out from the crowd — and you’re considering tantalum, you might love ourRose Gold Tone Avant-Garde Inlay. It’s classy and distinguished for a groom and a love that deserves to be noticed. The scratch designed inlay is reminiscent of luxurious marble stone, a perfect foundation for your love.


Satin + Shine

Are you the kind of groom who likes the best of both worlds? Maybe you can’t decide between a satin finish or one with lots of shine — or you’re on the fence between silver and gold. If so, ourMatte Gunmetal and Rose Inside Bandis just what you’re looking for. The textured gunmetal outer shank and rose gold-tone ion-plating on the inside give you a subtle, contrasting style. It may look simple at first blush, but it’s the perfect symbol for a love as beautiful as yours.


Black on Black

One of your most important decisions when it comes to wedding bands is whether you want to blend in or make a statement. If you want your ring to be a statement piece, the black-on-black of ourBlack Tantalum Groove Center Bandis perfect. It’s the perfect style for those who march to your own beat, and it’s everything you could want in a ring: durable and ready to weather daily life — just like your love.


Something Blue

The old adage might reserve something blue for the bride, but we think it’s good for grooms — especially stylish grooms who want something a bit out of the ordinary. If that’s you, ourTantalum Blue Two-Tone Scratch Finish Bandis just the piece you’re looking for. With a sleek blue lining the inside, scratch-finish blue around the outside and polished tantalum step edges, you get the perfect retro two-tone look to keep you calm, cool and collected as you step into forever.


True to Tradition

Your ring should be a reflection of you and your love. If you’re a more traditional groom or couple but are looking for a hint of something special, you’re looking for ourTantalum Rose Ip Beveled Edge Band. It features a darkened brushed tantalum shank, rose ion planting along the beveled edges and two polished grooves for a clean, gorgeous ring. It’s the perfect way to compliment your heart of gold — with a ring that shows it.


Black + Blue + You

Maybe you’re looking for a bit of blue without going all the way. In that case, ourTantalum Black Matte Finish High Polish Blue Step Edge Ringis just the thing for you. The black matte look is simple and understated, and the shiny blue edges take it up a notch on the style front. And, because it’s durable and beautiful, it’ll last a lifetime — just like your love.


Something Carbon Fiber

As you’ve searched for the perfect wedding band, you may have heard about carbon fiber — this ultra-strong material is all the rage when it comes to rings these days. If you want something a bit out of the ordinary that combines metal and non-metal for the perfect combination, you might be interested in ourTantalum Matte Black Carbon Fiber Inside Band. It looks simple and elegant on the outside, but on the inside you’ll know it’s lined with a material that is every bit as indestructible as your relationship.


On the Edge

Maybe you’re a groom who just wants a hint of something edgy. If that sounds like you, take a look at ourTantalum Scratch Finish with Black Ion Plating Edges and Inside. This band gives you the classic look of a silver ring while bringing in a bit of an edge — quite literally – in the form of the black IP edges. And, with its raised texture and striking color contrast, this ring is as an attractive choice that can stand the test of time.


It All Comes Down to You

Ultimately, you’re looking for a ring that will be the perfect symbol of your love for years to come. If you’ve decided that tantalum is right for you and have a few favorites from this post, don’t hesitate to select them for a free home try-on. After all, the best way to get to know a ring — and know if it’s right for you — is by spending some time with it.


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