Titanium Wedding Bands: Pros and Cons


If you’re looking for a sleek wedding band, you may feel overwhelmed by just how many options are in front of you. The days of just silver or gold are gone. Modern grooms can choose from a variety of metals — everything from tungsten to tantalum to stainless steel — and you even have access to non-metal rings like carbon fiber, silicone and wood. So how are you to choose? 

Well, here at Jordan Jack, one of our favorite options for a clean, gorgeous band is titanium.

What is Titanium?

You can find titanium on the periodic table at number 22. It’s a beautiful silver transition metal known for both its strength and resistance to corrosion. In fact, it’s so strong and useful that you can find it in all sorts of applications. It’s common in aerospace, industrial, agriculture and military uses, and it’s also useful for dental and orthopedic implants — not to mention accessories like mobile phones and, of course, jewelry.

But those aren’t the only places to find titanium. It was first discovered in Great Britain (and named after the Greek’s mythological Titans), but it’s deposited all over the planet and exists in just about every living thing. It’s also common in soil, bodies of water and rocks. The point is, it’s all over the place, but that doesn’t make it any less special. In fact, it can be the perfect choice for your big day!

Titanium Wedding Bands

The Benefits of Titanium Wedding Bands

  1. Durability — For starters, this metal is strong. After all, if it’s strong enough to hold a spaceship or artificial hip together, it should be more than up to the task of serving as a day-in, day-out symbol of your love for your significant other.
  2. Price — Titanium is one of the most affordable wedding band options for the modern groom. At Jordan Jack, all of our plain titanium bands are just $99. And, if you want a bit of a flash, you can pick up one that comes with a solitaire diamond for $149. It’s a great choice for the budget-conscious couple that still wants something beautiful and meaningful.
  3. Class — When you wear a titanium ring, you’ll likely find yourself sitting taller with your shoulders back and your head held high. The band sits pleasantly on your hand and gives you a sleek, finished way to let the world know just how much you love your spouse!
  4. Maintenance — No matter what you do on a day-to-day basis, titanium is up for the task. It’s resistant to the wear of life and will see you through office work, handyman jobs and intense workouts. Whatever you’re up to, it’s by your side. And it’s resistant to tarnish, so it’ll easily fit into your busy life! 

Sounds perfect, right? We couldn’t agree more, and we wish you happy shopping! But if you’re not quite sure that titanium is right for you, let’s look at a few of the drawbacks and what you might need to consider before making the leap.

Titanium’s Cons

  1. Resizing — Because of the way titanium rings are made, they can’t be resized. If your finger changes shape or size over the years, you may find that you need a replacement instead. The good news? These gorgeous rings are pretty inexpensive, so it’ll be easy to make a swap and will even switch up your look a bit.
  2. Scuffs — While titanium is pretty durable, when it does get the occasional scuff or scratch, they may not buff out. Of course, we think that just gives your ring a more rugged, worn-out look and symbolizes that, even when you hit bumps in the road, you’re committed to your spouse and your happily ever after. But if a perfect ring is important to you, you’ll want to look at one of our other options.
  3.  Ethics — Modern couples are concerned about throwing a wedding that is thoughtful and doesn’t harm people or the planet, and we’re squarely behind them in those efforts. And, good news: titanium isn’t a conflict metal, and all of ours is ethically sourced. You can wear your ring with pride knowing that it’s good for you and for the rest of the world!

The Look

Are you sold on titanium yet? We sure think you should be, but if you’re not quite there, let’s chat about its flexibility and how many options it gives you for a good look that’s uniquely you. 

  • Polished Finish — Are you a guy who’s looking for something sleek and shiny? Titanium in a polished finish will give you just that, putting some subtle class on your finger.

    Titanium Classic Half Round Polished Band, 7mm
  • Satin Finish — If you’re a bit more subdued or want a look that’s a bit muted while still giving you a thoughtful, put-together look, we’ve got you covered with lots of satin-finished titanium options.

    Titanium Satin Finish Block Design Band, 7mm
  • Squared Edges — Many modern wedding bands have squared edges for a clean, sleek look. If that’s more your style, there’s titanium for that too — like our step edge band.

    Titanium Step Edge Band, 6mm
  • Two-Tone — Maybe you’re someone looking to mix things up a bit and break the mold. If you’re going for a subtle two-tone option, our black and silver titanium band might be just the thing for you. 

    Titanium Black And White Two-Tone Band, 8mm
  • Diamonds — And, of course, don’t forget the pizazz. You’re the kind of guy who wants to spice things up while keeping it subtle, and our titanium diamond solitaire band is just the one for you.

    Titanium Diamond Solitaire Band 1/20CTTW, 8mm

As you can see, titanium is an incredible option that gives you so much variety. Many grooms find it to be the perfect pairing, and we think you are too. Ready to put together a home try-on box of your favorite titanium styles? Get started today!

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