The Ultimate Guide to Gay Engagement & Wedding Rings

You’ve found your perfect match. Now find your perfect gay engagement & wedding rings.


Congrats! Now that you have found “The One,” it’s time to choose your engagement and wedding bands. Jordan Jack makes it easy and enjoyable with our free home try on service, or you can “Buy Now” if it’s love at first sight. But before you do, here’s the ultimate guide to choosing gay engagement & wedding rings:  


The Tradition

Whether you love tradition or pride yourself on your uniqueness, engagement rings and wedding bands are definitely a tradition to embrace. Rings are a visible declaration of your commitment, and a great way to tell the world, “this one’s mine.” They form a continuous circle with no beginning and no end, representing eternity and wholeness; what more could you want for a symbol of your life together?     


Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, or Both?

Embrace the freedom to create your own customs as a same sex couple. Gone are the days when only women wore engagement rings. Men can rock a rock just as well as the ladies! You can choose an engagement ring, a wedding band, or both. Some couples choose to have one ring to serve as both the engagement and the wedding ring, wearing it on the right ring finger until the ceremony, and then switching it to the left ring finger once married. If you choose both an engagement ring and a wedding band, you can wear them stacked, or one on each hand. You can also forego engagement rings altogether and opt for wedding bands only. Whatever you decide, don’t feel bound by the traditional rules!


To Match or Not to Match

Although many gay couples want to wear identical bands, there are just as many couples who choose coordinating rings or even rings that are not at all like that of their partner. Are you a perfectly matched pair? Choose identical rings that represent your oneness. Matching rings can be a symbol of how alike you are, or how in sync you are with one another. 


Do you want your rings to coordinate, but aren’t interested in twinning until the end of time? You can choose identical rings but select a different finish, band width, or metal to set one apart from the other. Coordinating rings can pay homage to your marriage while also showing a little of the flair that makes each of you unique.


Does your relationship prove that opposites attract? Find rings that speak to your individuality and represent your own style. Non-matching rings can represent your bond to one another without sacrificing an ounce of personal style.  


The meaning behind the rings you choose matters so much more than whether or not they match, so do whatever feels right for the two of you. Jordan Jack offers a wide variety of styles to find exactly what you’re looking for, matching or not.



There are limitless possibilities when it comes to the style of gay wedding rings. Your personal preferences should be your main guide while you’re shopping. Options abound to suit any taste. 


14KT Yellow Gold High Polished Band

  • Brushedmatte, or scratch finishes add a touch of modernity to otherwise classic rings.  

Tungsten Step Edge Brush Finish Wedding Band

  • two-toned design provides depth and visual interest, and is ideal when you just can’t decide between two different metals or materials. 

Cobalt Two-Tone Rose Gold Tone And White Band

  • Similarly, a contrasting inner band allows you to choose two different metals in the same ring (plus, you get the added bonus of wearing a little secret every day!). 

Tantalum Matte Gunmetal And Rose Inside Band

  • A touch of carbon fiber, either on the inside or outside of a ring, gives an edgy and daring feel, while a colored inset gives an eye-catching pop that’s sure to get noticed. 


  • Are you a daring type, unafraid of standing out?  A black ring may be just right for you. 


Titanium Diamond Solitaire Band 1/20CTTW

  • A beveled edge, step down edge, or milgrain accent can add a little something extra to any ring (and who doesn’t like extra?).  


  • A wider band makes a statement and puts your ring front and center, but that doesn’t mean that narrow bands won’t get a look; they can hold a quiet beauty all their own. 



When selecting which material you’d like for your gay wedding rings, you have a multitude of great choices. Jordan Jack uses quality materials that will last a lifetime and hold up beautifully to the rigors of daily life. Your lifestyle and personal taste should be the main factors in choosing which material is best for you.


  • Gold– A timeless, valuable metal that holds up beautifully to daily wear. Gold can be traditional or modern and suit a wide variety of tastes. It is available in many colors, including yellow, white, and rose.
  • Silver– As timeless as gold, silver is likewise very versatile and can be traditional or modern, and appeal to many styles and preferences.  
  • Titanium– Strong, scratch-resistant, and lightweight, titanium is a contemporary metal that is great for those who prefer a more modern material. It is corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent metal for wedding and engagement rings.
  • Tantalum– Another contemporary metal, tantalum is stronger and heavier than most other metals used in wedding bands. Rings made from tantalum are both rare and corrosion resistant.
  • Stainless Steel– Also a contemporary metal, stainless steel is durable, tarnish and corrosion resistant, and hypoallergenic. It can take many different finishes, from satin to shiny, and can be plated in several colors, from gold tones to black. Stainless steel is a versatile and strong choice.
  • Cobalt– Bright, shiny, and exceptionally smooth, cobalt feels great on your finger.
  • Carbon Fiber– A very modern choice, carbon fiber is a very durable fiber weave that is used extensively in automotive, aircraft, and many other industrial applications. Carbon fiber wedding bands are very strong and make a bold style statement.
  • Diamond– Rare and valuable, diamonds are always a classic choice. They are versatile, give an attractive sparkle, and can come in many different colors. 



Once you’ve found the perfect rings for you and your love, then it’s time to decide whether or not you’d like to have them engraved. Engraving can elevate your rings from fabulous to truly one of a kind. Any Jordan Jack ring can be engraved for only $10, making personalization an attractive and affordable option. Now all that’s left to decide is what you’d like to have written on the inside of your bands. That should be easy, right?



Wearing Your Rings

Your rings from Jordan Jack can be worn any way you like. Traditionally, engagement rings and wedding bands have been worn on the left ring finger. Although now disproved, it was once thought that the left ring finger contained the vena amoris, or “vein of love,” which connected directly to the heart. Also, the heart lies slightly on the left side of the body, making the left ring finger a traditional and romantic choice. The wedding band is traditionally worn closer to the heart than the engagement ring. Many LGBTQ couples have worn their rings on their right hands; sometimes as a way to acknowledge their marriage in a more discreet way in the days before gay marriage was legal, sometimes to defy tradition, and sometimes for other personal reasons. There is no wrong or right way to wear your gay engagement rings or wedding bands, so do what makes you happy! 


Happily Ever After

Now you’re ready to find your favorite rings, order your home try on box, and live your lives happily ever after. Jordan Jack is proud to offer a great selection of LGBTQ engagement rings and wedding bands to get you started on life together with your one and only.  

Congratulations, and best wishes from Jordan Jack!        

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