The Most Durable Metals for Men’s Wedding Bands


If you’re getting married soon, you know just how important it is to pick the right wedding band. You want something that will perfectly symbolize your love story, fit your style and meet the demands of your daily life. After all, you’re making a lifelong commitment — shouldn’t your ring last just as long as your relationship?

Here’s the good news: these days, wedding bands come in just about every metal imaginable, and most of them are far more durable than classic gold and silver. If you want a long-lasting wedding band but aren’t sure what material is your best bet, you’re in luck — we created this guide just for you. Ready to pick the perfect metal for your ring?



When it comes to the most durable ring metals, tantalum is a great place to start. Not only is it incredibly strong, but it also happens to be a chemical element named for a villain in ancient Greek mythology, which has to up the cool quotient, right? It resists rust, corrosion and anything else daily life might throw its way, and it’s also pretty rare. Tantalum isn’t just for rings — it’s used in a lot of electronics, for instance — but it does make a great ring choice for a groom with just a bit of an edge.

Tantalum rings have a beautiful finish. They come in all the classic shapes and colors, but you can also get a tantalum ring inblueorblack— or you can kick it up a notch by opting forrose gold tone with an avant-garde inlay. Whatever your preference, you can get a tantalum ring that is as strong and sophisticated as you are.



Titanium is another favorite for durable men’s wedding bands. It sits on the periodic table at number 22 — a transition metal known to resist corrosion and stand up to just about anything. Because it’s so strong, it’s commonly found in all sorts of industrial applications — including aerospace, agriculture and military — but it also makes a solid (yes, pun intended) ring choice for the savvy groom.

Titanium rings are durable and incredibly easy to maintain — because they stand up to just about anything, they don’t need any regular servicing to keep looking their best. These stylish bands come in at a reasonable price point, and they offer a variety of looks. Whether you’re on the hunt for asatin finishor the shine ofsomething more polished, titanium has you covered.



Not only is tungsten one of the most durable metals for rings, it’s also one of the hardest. In fact, it’s at least twice as hard as titanium and cobalt. This means that not only will it keep its shape, but its finish won’t wear off — even in the most demanding everyday environments. The metal itself is named after a Swedish word that means “heavy stone,” and that’s because it has a lot of weight to it. It’s the perfect option for a groom who wants a ring with a little bit more heft — something that will feel substantial on your finger.

On top of all that, it’s an affordable option that resists rust and tarnish, making it an all-around great ring. It’s ready to stand up to just about anything while maintaining long-lasting good looks. We also give it bonus points for coming in a wide variety of styles — from ascratch finishtoblack with a blue inlayto severaldiamond options. This is a metal that thoughtful, fashionable grooms won’t want to pass up.


Stainless Steel

When you hear stainless steel, you may be tempted to think of kitchen appliances or pots and pans, but it also makes for a durable men’s wedding band. Because it resists rust and corrosion and is incredibly strong, it’s been found useful in all sorts of applications, but rings may be our favorite.


Stainless steel is a classic and stylish option that’s also tough and ready for whatever you want to throw at it. While it offers several finish options — including acarbon fiber inlay— it’s also a great base for diamonds. Whether you wanta classicor want to mix it up withblue diamonds, these stunning bands will be a source of delight and conversation for years to come.



This metal may take the cake for durable wedding rings. It’s super strong — nearly as strong as tungsten — and is extremely scratch-resistant. While some other metals can be a bit brittle, cobalt isn’t, so it’s even more likely to keep its good looks through the rough-and-tumble of daily life — and it’s pretty easy to maintain too.


Whatever daily life asks of you, cobalt is here for it. No rust, no tarnish — and it comes in a variety of styles. From sleekblacksandblueswith carbon fiber inlays to aclassic two-tone, cobalt bands are perfect for a sophisticated groom.


Carbon Fiber

It may not be a metal, but carbon fiber is one of the most durable wedding band materials you could ask for. Made from ultra-thin strands of carbon that, when woven together, make one of the world’s strongest, most lightweight materials — carbon fiber can be found in everything from spacecraft to sporting goods. That’s not all it’s good for, though. It also makes a fantastically lightweight and durable ring. 


Carbon fiber is both strong and feather-light. Whencombined with other materials, it creates a gorgeous finish (whetherthe inlay is visibleorcircles the interior of the band) that will stand up to anything. It’s the perfect choice for a groom who wants a classic, stylish look that will blend seamlessly onto his hand and into his daily life.


Strongest Men’s Wedding Bands

When it comes to durable men’s wedding rings, you have a ton of choices. While each material varies a bit in strength, what really matters is which will best fit you, your relationship and your daily life – not which one is most likely to withstand being run over by a car. (Unless that’s a hobby of yours, in which case we recommend cobalt.)


Still not sure? Try on a few of your favorites and see how they feel on your finger. Get started with ahome try-on todayto find the perfect match! 

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