The Guys Guide to Modern Wedding Rings


Are you a guy who loves the modern things in life? Are you drawn to clean lines, sleek finishes, and cool touches with an edgy feel? Perhaps you’re a man who loves the thrill of the latest technology or the feel of the smooth surface of sheet metal. If so, Jordan Jack has your number.


When it’s time for you to choose a wedding ring the possibilities can seem overwhelming. Gone are the days of minimal choices for men’s bands; today’s guys have more styles to choose from than ever before. Online ring shopping has widened the options exponentially and now there’s something for every taste, budget, and style. Those who love modern styles have a world of possibility at their fingertips and are no longer limited to the few designs found in traditional jewelry stores. 


With all of the choices, how do you know where to start looking for your modern wedding or engagement band? Perhaps the sheer variety has you overwhelmed. Maybe shopping has never quite been your thing. Or you could be a guy who just isn’t sure how to get started with this whole wedding band shopping thing. Whatever the case,Jordan Jackis here to help with our Guys Guide to Modern Wedding Rings. Here you’ll find all you need to know to find your perfect match (the ring, not your life partner…if you haven’t figured that part out we can’t help you):


Budget for Wedding Bands

First, you’ll need to know how much you want to spend on your wedding band. Modern wedding bands don’t have to be expensive; there are many to choose from that won’t break the bank. Jordan Jack has a great selection of styles you’ll love to suit every budget. From theTitanium Satin Finish Center Bandat a cool $109.00 to our14kt Yellow Gold High Polished Band, Jordan Jack has you covered in style no matter how much you’re prepared to spend.


Online vs. In-Person Shopping

Let’s face it…most of us don’t enjoy going store to store on a quest for The One (again, we’re talking about the ring.) In-person shopping involves pushy salespeople, limited selection, high pressure sales tactics, and overpriced rings. This has never been an ideal way to shop for a wedding band.


The wondrous world of online shopping has made it possible to avoid the whole store-to-store scene and Jordan Jack takes that a step further by making it possible to shop AND try on a variety of rings from the comfort of your own home. With ourHome Try Onbox, you can select your five favorite rings and have them shipped right to your door. You get to try them on, live with them for a few days, find the size that’s just right, and get exactly what you want delivered to your home within days. If that isn’t modern we don’t know what is.


Materials for Wedding Rings

Once upon a time there were few materials used to make men’s wedding bands. Gold and silver were pretty much the go-to metals found in every jewelry store and platinum could be had if you were willing to pay the hefty price. Now rings are being made withall sorts of materials, from traditional metals likegoldandsilverto space-age composites likecarbon fiber. Metals previously used in industrial applications, likecobaltandtungsten, are being put to new uses in the realm of modern wedding bands.


With so many modern metals and materials you can choose your band not only for how it looks but also for how it compliments your lifestyle and career.Hard-working handsneed tougher, stronger materials while those whose jobs don’t require as much wear and tear on the hands can opt for more delicate metals and materials.


Ring Style

We already know you’re a guy who likes modern styling. When it comes to wedding band styles, “modern” can mean many things. It could be the metal or material you choose; something that’s new to the wedding ring scene or that’s being used in a whole new way. It could be the design you choose; one with clean, sharp lines, unique details, or a sleek finish. It could be abold pop of coloror a familiar metal in a hue that’s uncommon. Even classic, timeless wedding bands can look and feel modern because they never go out of style. Your modern style can be expressed in so many ways through the ring you choose and Jordan Jack has a wide selection of bands that are tailor-made for the modern man.


Band Finish

Plain, polished bands were once de rigeur for men’s wedding bands. There wasn’t much in the way of variety when it came to the finish of the ring. Now you can choose theclassic polished band in a modern styleor go for something totally outside the norm. Modern finishes are great looking and often help conceal scratches or other imperfections inherent in the wear and tear of your daily routine. Ascratch finishis especially good for men who put their ring through a lot of abuse; new scratches will blend right in.Matte finisheslook tough and refined at the same time. Abrushed finishretains the classic nature of a polished band with just a touch of modern refinement, while asatin finishadds a hint of modernity to any band.Textured finishesgive any wedding ring a new depth of cool visual appeal. Many rings combine several finishes so you get the best of each and a ring that’s truly modern. 


To Bling or Not to Bling

Men have shied away from diamonds on their rings for fear of looking like The Godfather, but in recent years guys are realizing that sparkle isn’t just for the ladies. Modern wedding rings can have diamonds that complement the man and the ring instead of stealing the show.Diamonds in a men’s wedding bandcan add that wow factor and a cool touch of ice while keeping things tasteful and modern. If you’ve always wanted a little element of sparkle, there’s never been a better time to have a great looking ring that shows your personality and your modern sensibilities.


Engraving for Wedding Rings

Modern wedding rings can be engraved to remind you of your Significant Other. You may choose to inscribe a sweet message and funny inside joke between the two of you, or a quote or saying that resonates in your relationship. All Jordan Jack rings can be engraved on the inner band so you can carry a personalized piece of your marriage wherever you go.


Ring Sizing Guide

You no longer have to go into a brick and mortar jewelry store to find out your ring size. Included with your Home Try On box you’ll find a handy ring sizer that you can use to find your best fit. Before you order your box we recommend youdownload our ring sizing guideso you can get a general idea of your size, then order several sizes of sample rings so you can find the one that’s just right. You’ll be able to try each size in real life and get a feel for which is perfect for you.


Modern Ring Shopping Made Easy with Jordan Jack

Now that you know all the ins and outs of modern ring shopping, visitJordan Jackto get started. You’ll find styles you love and a modern way of trying rings that will make the ring shopping process effortless and enjoyable. All the cool kids are doing it and now you can too!

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