Stylish Gifts for Your Groomsmen


Your Boys Have Got Your Back

If you’re a groom, the odds are you are going to have a number of groomsmen, headed by your best man, standing with you on the day of the ceremony. These days, your best man and groomsmen have a lot to do beyond just planning and arranging your bachelor party. Among other things, they arrange for their travel and the rental of their wedding attire, help keep you calm on the day, usher guests to their seats, and maybe decorate your car before you drive away with your newly espoused.


The roles of today’s groomsmen are much easier than they werehistorically, as in the past they would serve as the bride’s bodyguards, with the best man chosen specifically because he was the best fighter. Somebody had to keep out potential gate crashers and gift thieves! Today it’s often sufficient to have a great aunt keep an eye on the gift table while she attends to the guest book.


Even if your groomsmen won’t be called upon to draw swords for you (i.e. literally cover your back!), they’ve always been there for you, and you wouldn’t be who you are without them.

They are also still going to do a lot for you in the prelude to and on the day of your wedding. One great and good wedding tradition involves the groom picking out special gifts for each of his groomsmen to thank them, not just for their service, but for their friendship. Jordan Jack offers a number of thoughtful groomsmen gifts to help you to show your appreciation.



Cufflinks first appeared in the seventeenth century, but did not come into wide use until the late 1700s, when gentlemen at the time decided that using ribbons or ties to hold their sleeves together could be improved upon. With a couple of gold or silver buttons, a bit of chain, and a touch of solder, a new fashion was born.

Stainless Steel Black Ion Plating Edge Satin Finish Cufflinks

Cufflinks have come a long way since the eighteenth century. When your groomsman steps out on the town,our contemporary cufflinkscapture and keep interest with their fine black edging and dazzling diamond accent. An elegant satin finish completes the design, giving the cufflinks an extra appeal that he is sure to love. Complete his ensemble with these attractive cufflinks that state his position without words.

Stainless Steel Black Ion Plating Cufflinks

James Bond's got nothing on your groomsmen when they appear on the town inthese classy black ion plated cufflinks. A tasteful diamond accent on each cufflink pops against the polished black stainless steel for a sophisticated man's look in a gift they will cherish forever.


Tie Bars

Tie bars and clips have been in use since 1870. Victorian gentlemen’s ties were lightweight, and tended to blow in the wind. As the decades passed and men stopped wearing waistcoats, tie bars came into greater use, especially in the 1950s—think Clark Gable and Fred Astaire.

Stainless Steel Resin Center Tie Bar

The influential man knows how to close the deal, and this powerful tie bar is the perfect silent partner. With aclassic black resin center on a stainless steelbackground, this gift for your groomsman is sure to turn heads with its impeccable look as the perfect clincher to his outfit.

Stainless Steel Yellow Ion Plating Tie Bar

Let your groomsmen claim their space with this finishing touch that completes their debonair look. Thisstainless steel tie barsports jaunty diagonal lines in yellow ion plating for a classic look. They will look contemporary and polished with this attractive bar offsetting their ties.


Money Clips

Not everyone wants to carry a bulky wallet around. Money clips have been answering the call in a stylish manner for decades.

Stainless Steel Zipper Edge Money Clip

As a gift for your groomsmen, make a bold statement with thisrefined man's money clip. This expertly crafted piece features an exquisite diamond accent. A zipper-style edging completes the modern look to create a gift your guys will love for years to come.



.03CT Stainless Steel Cross Pendant GH I2

They say that men can know where they're going by where they've been, and distinctive jewelry can play a prominent part in that journey. Is your groomsman a Christian? Give him the perfect groomsmen's gift and create a personal look with thisgrooved stainless steel cross pendant with diamond center accent.

Stainless Steel Anchor Pendant

Whether your groomsman is a sailor at heart or if he loves stalwart symbolism, this appealinganchor pendantconveys his true staying power. The intricate detailing expertly crafted by our designer elevates this piece to fine jewelry that will enhance his collection and will be a gift he truly appreciates.


Chains and Bracelets

We know that prehistoric men wore chains around their necks and bracelets around their wrists for various reasons. You don’t have to be a caveman to look good in a chain or bracelet today. 

Stainless Steel Yellow Ion Plating High Polish Chain

The man with a cultivated reputation will enjoy the instant cred this imposingtwo-tone yellow and stainless steel chainwill bring to his look. This upscale groomsmen's gift is an intricately linked chain with a high polish to bring out the shine. Since it looks great with anything from a fitted dress shirt to a casual sweater, your guys will enjoy wearing it for years to come.

Stainless Steel Franco Link Bracelet

If your groomsman is a man who enjoys the finer things in life, thissolid Franco link braceletis just the right weight to be substantial without draining his stamina. The intriguing pattern refuses to be overlooked, elevating his status by both accentuating his individuality, and commemorating his part in your wedding.


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Take Care of Your Boys

Remember, your groomsmen are your best friends, your true mates, your boys. Over the years you’ve laughed together, partied together, maybe even shed a tear together. They’ve taken care of you, and you want to take care of them. Now is the time to choose a lasting token to thank your groomsmen for their brotherhood as you take the next big step in your life. Whether you choose cufflinks or chains, mone

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