Most Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Some choices in life are hard enough, like who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Fortunately sealing the deal doesn’t have to be.


“He walked through the door and almost tripped; just stupidly handsome and awkward as can be. Had on these goofy specs that gave him a Clark Kent gorgeousness. I smiled from ear to ear. Oh man, I was hooked. I really tried not to, but couldn’t stop staring. The more I saw, the more I knew he was the one.” 


Some people know exactly what they want -- effortlessly and instantaneously. Others ponder, question, worry, deliberate and agonize over a choice for months. It’s one of the things that makes us so uniquely human. Our ability to stand out or blend in. Break out or tread gently. This diversity enriches our lives and gives us the opportunity to make every moment a new adventure. 


Your uniqueness can be found in every little detail that makes you you – the way you approach your life, what fuels your drive, how you choose your own path through life. Every day decisions demand different amounts of courage, flair, resilience and humor and should never go unnoticed. Then there are the BIG moments; the ones that divide your life into before and after – the choices that can catapult you into a new dimension, good or bad. It’s called a leap of faith for a reason! 


Because these pivotal moments can be so very important (and sometimes agonizing), our goal is to help you step up to the plate. We want to help remove the guesswork from your greatest work; your commitment to the one you love.


Jordan Jack will enhance your style and character perfectly. That’s one thing you can count on. Our stunning men’s wedding band collections cater to every preference, personality and budget. You’ll find everything from the ruggedly refined tungsten with diamonds, to the sportier cobalt blue with carbon fiber. From the unconventional tantalum black matte finish with a high polish blue step edge to any other interesting texture and material combination you can imagine (or haven’t even considered). Regardless of preference, you’re sure to find a ring that suits your personal style in our unique range of quality mens wedding bands. 


On top of amazing variety, we also give you the opportunity to make your choice in the comfort of your own home, with the necessary sense of occasion if that’s what you prefer.  Simply select 5 rings from our range of unique men’s wedding bands and we’ll send them straight to your door. If you’re not sure which way to go, you can also browse some of the Home Try On boxes others have picked out for inspiration. You might like one of those collections for yourself. Once you’ve received your box, you’ll have three days to decide which ring you prefer. Try them on. Show them to friends and family. Do whatever you need to do to make a confident choice. Yes, it may require a few hours of posing in front of the mirror to decide which one really screams “YOU!”, but that’s totally fine. Whatever it takes. Now seriously, where else can you do that? 


Before ordering, make sure to use our printable online sizing guide to help you determine approximate size. Although, to be 100% sure, we recommend you order a range of sizes for your Home Try On to help you pick the perfect size for your final ring. The Home Try On Box you’ll receive also includes an actual ring sizer for complete accuracy. 


Once you have selected the ring you think is a perfect fit and design, simply send all 5 rings back to us. Then sign back into your account online at Jordan Jack, select your final choice and confirm your size. If you would like to add an engraving on the side for personalization or to commemorate your special date, just provide the details in your order and we will send you your  “forever ring” within a matter of days. And so, the new journey begins…  Could it be any more convenient? How much do you love us right now? Yeah, we thought so. The feeling is mutual! 

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