Men’s Engravable Wedding Rings from Jordan Jack

Tell your very own love story with custom engraved wedding bands from Jordan Jack.


Every couple is unique; unique as individuals and unique in their one-of-a-kind love story. When it’s time to find your engagement or wedding ring, no ordinary thing will do. You need a ring that’s different from the rest and will tell your story for all the years to come.


Jordan Jackhas a gorgeous selection of high-quality custom engraved men’s rings that are sure to fit the bill. From engraving engagement rings to engraved men’s wedding bands, Jordan Jack does it all! Our second-to-none craftsmanship, modern and timeless styles, and legendary hassle-free buying process ensure you’ll find the perfect ring to call your own or gift to your loved one. Before you find your favorite, let’s dive into the ins and outs of wedding engraving.


The History of Engraving Wedding Bands

Rings have been used for centuries to mark an engagement or marriage. From the reed rings of ancient Egyptians to the ornate filigrees and carvings of Victorian and Edwardian times, rings have long been an exchangeable gift and symbol of love. A ring is an unbroken circle with no beginning and no end. It is the perfect metaphor for a couple’s life together and it offers limitless options for personalization.


Throughout time, various cultures have popularized all sorts of wedding ring engravings. Ancient Romans and people in the Middle Ages often carved depictions of the couple or their faces on rings. Many Europeans had their wedding rings engraved with their spouse’s name and the date of the wedding. In Medieval Times and during the Victorian era, poesy rings were all the rage. A poesy is a short verse or poem, usually to a lover, and it was often believed to give the ring the power of the words engraved upon it.


Today, engraving on wedding rings is enjoying a resurgence. With moreengravable metalsemployed in modern jewelry making and new machinery that makes the process easier and less expensive, there’s never been a better time to shop for men’s engraved wedding bands!


Are Engravable Wedding Rings Mostly for Women?

Of course not! Unique engraved wedding bands aren’t just for women; engraved men’s rings have been around for as long as rings have been used in weddings and engagements. Men are sentimental too and many men love the special meaning of having their wedding band engraved. There are unlimited ring engraving ideas for husbands, so go ahead and have that ring personalized just for him!


Why Should I Have My Wedding Band Engraved?

There are many reasons to have a wedding ring engraved. For starters, custom engraved wedding bands are more personal and truly one-of-a-kind. Even if your ring is a design that can be purchased by others, personalizing it makes it unique and made for no other.

  • Having your wedding ring engraved helps solidify that yours is a long-term commitment that you intend to last forever. Engravings don’t go away over time and your relationship is here to stay as well.
  • Engravable wedding rings can bring back memories of your wedding day and keep your loved one close to you at all times. If you’re having a rough day or challenging time, the sentiment on your ring can remind you that you’re loved and supported.
  • Custom engraved wedding bands hold a secret which can be kept just between the two of you if you choose. Nobody needs to know that there is a message tucked away inside your wedding band, which can feel sentimental or even a little seductive.
  • If you or your partner are terrible with dates, engraving your wedding ring with your wedding date ensures you’ll never miss an anniversary! We know, we know, you could NEVER forget such an important day…but this happens to the best of us, so get that ring engraved to help keep your memory fresh even when you don’t know what day of the week it is.
  • Engraving your ring helps keep your story alive. When you’re old and gray or when your ring gets passed down to future generations, the inscription you choose will help the story of your love stay with the ring for as long as it exists.


How to Engrave a Ring with Jordan Jack

Once you’veshopped for your ringand found the one that’s just right for you, select your size and then click the “Engraving” box. Engraving with Jordan Jack is not only stylish but also affordable. Enter the text you’d like engraved inside your band and then check and double check that everything is spelled correctly…you don’t want any ragrets. Complete the check-out process and you’re done!


Discover Unique Ring Engraving Ideas

Are you wondering what to get engraved on a ring or looking for engraving ideas for your husband’s ring? There are endless options. Here are a few ideas:

  • Engrave something that holds meaning only to the two of you
  • Initials and wedding dates are popular options
  • Think of funny wedding ring engraving quotes so you can share a laugh even when you aren’t together
  • Engrave an inspirational quote to encourage your partner
  • The date of your first date, first kiss, engagement…whatever is special to you


Jordan Jack has many ring engraving ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Check out our blog,10 Ideas for Engraving Men’s Wedding Bands, to help you decide what to engrave in your wedding band.


Engraved Men’s Wedding Bands and Engravable Engagement Rings from Jordan Jack

All of Jordan Jack’s rings are engravable so you can personalize to your heart’s content. That said, some rings show off an engraving better than others, so decide if you want the engraving to stand out or to blend in with the ring. Shiny or matte surfaces with little to no texture or detailing will make an engraving pop while textured surfaces or those with interesting patterns or textures will make for a subtler inscription. The choice is yours and there are no right or wrong answers.


For a truly classic look that will always be in style, engrave this14kt Yellow Gold High Polished Band.

14KT Yellow Gold High Polished Band, 6mm

Another timeless style, Jordan Jack’sSterling Silver High Polished Bandis the perfect palette for your engraved sentiment.

Sterling Silver High Polished Band, 8mm

For the modern man, thisTantalum Two-Tone Black/Rose Matte Bandis striking in its simplicity and contrast and an engraving would further complement the look. 

Tantalum Two-Tone Black/Rose Matte Band, 8MM

For the bold man, an inscription on thisBlack Stainless Steel with Blue Carbon Fiber Bandis a stunning choice that will certainly command attention.

Black Stainless Steel With Blue Carbon Fiber Band, 8mm


Shopping for Engraved Men’s Rings

Shopping for engravable wedding rings has never been easier thanks to Jordan Jack’sHome Try OnProgram. Simply select your five favorite rings from our fantastic selection of styles and add them to your virtual box. Print out our handyring sizing guideto get a good general idea of your size. Put a selection of a few different sizes in your box so you can try them and ensure a perfect fit. When your Home Try On box arrives at your door, try each of the rings and see how you like them. Explore the fit, decide what you love about each, and choose a favorite. We give you three days to get to know the rings before you send the box back to us and then order your own. You can add your engraving when you place your order. Then sit back, relax, and wait for your wedding band to make its arrival!


Learnhow it worksand get started on your own box today.


We know you’re going to love your custom engraved wedding band from Jordan Jack and we look forward to helping you find the ring that’s perfect for you. With a fantastic variety of styles, a hassle-free shopping experience, and easy engraving options,Jordan Jackis about to be your new best friend!

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