Jordan Jack Wedding Bands are Rebellious, Creative, Masculine and Unexpected

How about an alternative metal wedding ring? Consider Stainless Steel: Let Jordan Jack show you why our wedding ring selection has just the right style for you

  • While traditional wedding ring metals—think platinum and gold—have dominated the retail wedding band market for decades, what’s trending now in contemporary jewelry goes far beyond the traditional. For instance, black stainless steel has come into its own as a highly durable metal that’s long-lasting. “Black wedding bands are on-trend right now,” says Jordan Yoder, Founder of Jordan Jack. “Black stainless steel is a creative choice for men who are looking to make a bold statement. Grooms who select black wedding bands to stray from tradition. It’s all about personal preference,” says Yoder, adding, “Stainless steel is anodized to create the look of black metal.”


    In terms of durability, stainless steel wedding bands have a Mohs ranking of 6. Pros of Black Stainless Steel Wedding Bands include:
    • The ability to retain their shape
    • Are resistant to tarnish
    • Are resistant to corrosion

    Looking for a wedding ring that embodies your creative, masculine style? Wedding bands for the non-conformist are a Jordan Jack specialty


    Stainless Steel Wedding Rings


    Unique Design Options for Grooms with Edgy, Unconventional Style The Jordan Jack portfolio of wedding bands includes Stainless Steel rings with designs that are innately rock ‘n roll and definitely daring. With a look that could be best described as rugged and rebellious, there’s also an uber-modern cachet when a wedding band is designed in black. Jordan Jack Stainless Steel rings definitely have an appeal to an edgier, more free-spirited audience that is far from buttoned down. An additional selling point that makes Stainless Steel the metal of choice for so many grooms seeking a truly unique wedding band is the fact that it is remarkably affordable. Wedding bands in Black Stainless Steel range from $99.00 to $249.

    Men’s Stainless Steel wedding rings in the Jordan Jack Portfolio have a distinctive and uniquely creative design. Here are a few options to consider:

    Black Stainless Steel and Blue Diamond 1/7CTTW Band, 8 mm

    Band is available in sizes 7-14


    The 24-Blue Diamond channel of this Black Stainless Steel Wedding Band is showcased against the grain of the black satin stainless steel equator. The fit of this band is impeccable. This wedding ring will be a stand out on your wedding day and throughout your lifetime. It offers:
    • Twenty Four Blue Diamonds
    • Black Stainless Steel
    • Brushed & Polished Textures
    • Soft Rounded Edges

    Two-Tone Stainless Steel 1/20CTTW Diamond Cross Band, 8mm

    Ring is sized for you in the 7-14 range


    Not only does this handsome Two-Tone Stainless Steel Wedding Ring offer a comfort fit, but it’s a wedding band that is about as singular and striking as a groom with style could ask for. It’s a strong statement of both love and faith. The ring is embedded with six diamonds in a cross-shaped channel design - a distinguishing element that serves as the highlight of this Two-Tone Stainless Steel wedding band with polished stainless steel lips. The durable brushed black stainless steel band features grooves that lead your eye to the cross of diamonds on the top.


    • Six Round Brilliant Diamonds
    • Two-Tone Stainless Steel
    • Brushed Black & Polished Steel
    • Cross-Shaped Diamond Design


    Black Stainless Steel and Black Diamond 1/7CTTW Band, 8mm

    Find your comfort zone in sizes 7-14


    Talk about making a bold, architectural statement! This Black Stainless Steel and Black Diamond Wedding Band showcases nine diamonds and a durable black Ion plating coat. With a designer shank that is textured, the ring’s foundation is impressive, as are the black diamonds resting in an elevated channel that gradually steps down to a smooth polished lip.


    • Nine Brilliant Round Black Diamonds
    • Stainless Steel Wedding Ring
    • Black Ion Plating



    More Stainless Steel Wedding Bands in the Jordan Jack Portfolio include:


    Black Stainless Steel with Blue Carbon Fiber Band: This inspired Black Stainless Steel 8mm wedding ring with advanced black ion plating has a distinctive blue carbon fiber weaving equator.

    Black Stainless Steel Station with Blue Accent Band: This 8mm Black Stainless Steel wedding ring is accented beautifully with blue ion plating stripes that run parallel outside the machined stainless steel equator. The ring also features durable black Ion plating technology.

    • Black & Blue Ion Plating
    • Two-Tone Stylish Design
    • Contrasting Brushed and Polished Finish

    Jordan Jack Wedding Rings are Ideal for the Rugged, Rebel Groom

    Jordan Jack is constantly pushing its design team to create new, unique and anything but typical options for today’s modern grooms. Attaining a comfort fit is a Jordan Jack design must. Our wedding band offerings reflect love in a masculine and romantic way, through use of traditional and non-traditional metals/alloys. At Jordan Jack, we’re here to provide for you a wedding band that is representative of your love for a lifetime.

    The company’s “Try Five On for Size” process is a popular way to make a choice in the privacy of your home. Jordan Jack sends grooms-to-be a box filled with five preselected wedding rings by the groom. Decide over a three-day period and then return the box once the ring choice has been made. It’s a seamless system to help grooms more easily make one of their most difficult wedding day decisions.

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