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A couple of years ago, we heard that approximately one in six married people don’t wear a wedding ring. They own rings, they just don’t wear them. We get it. Friends, family, and customers will tell us from time to time that they or people they know--men in particular—prefer not to wear their rings, even as they love them and in no way want to hide the commitment that the wedding band represents. Some say they get in the way during work or play. Others have nightmares about losing their rings and all the anguish that would follow.


Happily, modern technology and fashion design have come up with a solution: the silicone wedding band. And Jordan Jack is proud to bring it to each and every one of our customers. We want you to have the best of both worlds, so we will give you a silicone wedding band for FREE when you purchase yourtraditional wedding ring. Now you can treasure your heirloom band while always having another great-looking ring available to showcase your devotion no matter the situation.


Work and Play with Freedom in Your Silicone Wedding Band

Silicone wedding rings are perfect for any work or recreational activity where a good grip is essential. If you’re a carpenter you want to hold your hammer with authority; when playing softball you want to swing your bat properly; swooshing down a mountain on skis you want to grasp your poles with the assurance that they will both keep you up and won’t get lost on the slopes.


If you’re a golfer who likes to grip it and rip it, a metal ring can put you off. What to do? When it’s off your finger, you don’t want to have your ring rattling around in your front pocket with tees and coins and keys, so you have to remember to put it in a special zippered pocket, and then remember to take it out afterward—and, whatever you do, don’t leave your ring in the trunk of the car when you stop for lunch!


Or say you work in a hospital and wear gloves much of the day. You could be a surgeon using a succession of delicate instruments, or a nurse or transport technician moving patients in and out of beds and wheelchairs. You can wear your medical grade silicone ring with confidence. Confidence really is the bottom line when it comes to how silicone wedding rings can make a hands-on job and an active lifestyle easier.


Safe as a Silicone Wedding Ring

Silicone wedding rings are lightweight, durable, and extraordinarily functional. They conduct neither heat nor electricity. Silicone rings will breathe with your finger, so if you have a medical condition that causes swelling, or even if the weather changes, your ring won’t tighten or loosen as a result. If you have skin that’s sensitive to metal, you’ll be pleased to know that silicone allergies are extremely rare, and much less likely than a metal allergy.


With a silicone wedding ring, you can dive right in to whatever you’re doing with the confidence that it will stay right with you.


Remove the Fear of Loss

And it’s staying right with you that everyone wants from their wedding band. Just do a web search for “stories of lost wedding rings” and “wedding ring found after years” and you’ll find enough horrifying (though sometimes uplifting) human drama to absorb you for several minutes, if not several hours. Ultimately, those stories will remind you of how careful you’ll want to be with your traditional ring. Should something happen to your silicone band, the financial cost will be negligible and the emotional workout far easier to handle than were you to lose your gold or platinum or titanium wedding band.


Is this just a rubber wedding ring?

Not exactly. Silicone is a synthetic compound while rubber is found naturally. Each can be formulated for a wide range of uses. There’s also a compound called “silicone rubber.” So, sure, call it your rubber wedding ring if you like. Just know that Jordan Jack uses a special silicone that is highly heat-resistant so you can enjoy wearing your ring in all conditions.


Open a World of New Options

Your silicone wedding ring will have all of the useful qualities mentioned above, but it will eventually need to be replaced, unlike your traditional ring, which folks often use the word “heirloom” to describe because it is often just that—a treasured item of real and symbolic value handed down from generation to generation. A silicone ring, meanwhile, gives you the choice of hundreds of colors and styles to step out with. You will be able to find the perfect secondary ring, or a number of them to go with whatever you might choose from your wardrobe on a given day.


Enabling a New Tradition

Members of our Jordan Jack family have been providing both contemporary and timeless jewelry for three generations. Now, our generation has the pleasure to be able offer an ultra-modern way to help you express your fidelity. Whether you eventually choose to have a different silicone ring for each day of the week, or are happy to take the free one and see where you go from there, we are here to get you started.


How can I get a free silicone ring?

You can claim your FREE silicone ring in one of two ways: 1) ClickBuy Nowand purchase your primary wedding band. 2) After you’ve enjoyed yourHome Try Onbox (which does not include a silicone ring), tell us which primary ring you have chosen for purchase. We will send you a silicone ring that is the same size. Should you desire a different size silicone ring, postage fees will apply.


If you couldn’t or wouldn’t wear a traditional metal wedding ring in the past, your only option was to wear no ring at all. Welcome to a new world where you’ll always have a choice, and always be able to demonstrate your commitment. Be part of a new tradition with the help of Jordan Jack.

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