Is Gunmetal the Ring for You?


When it comes to wedding bands, modern grooms are faced with a sometimes-overwhelming number of options. Whether you lean traditional or modern, the one thing you’re looking for is the perfect symbol of your love — something stylish and enduring that you can wear for decades to come. It should portray your love and commitment, but it should also speak to who you are and what you value.


So yes, it’s an important decision. You may already have a few ideas of what your ideal wedding band looks like, but it may not be complete yet. Or maybe you saw a look you liked on a friend or colleague or stranger’s hand and started down a research rabbit hole. Either way, you’re thinking gunmetal might be right for you — the perfect combination of style and endurance to capture your forever love.


Wondering if it’s the best option for you? These pros and cons, as well as some of our favorite looks, can help you decide. You’ve already found the one you love — now let’s find the ring of your dreams.


What is Gunmetal, Anyway?

Long story short, it’s a kind of bronze. As the name implies, its initial purpose was for crafting guns, but steel has taken that place now. It uses a special chemical treatment to create that iconic black oxide finish — and, in fact, some people use the name to refer to the shade of grey it’s known for.


Why Gunmetal Rings?

Gunmetal is popular for a number of reasons. It’s one of our favorite finishes because it’s the perfect combination of color and texture — it’s truly a delight to both wear and look at, offering the best of everything for most grooms. 


  • Matte Finish-Maybe you want something that’s eye-catching without the shine. If so, gunmetal is just perfect. The matte finish is subtle and rugged while maintaining a hint of elegance and speaking to your good taste (without you having to say a word).
  • Texture-You’ll wear your wedding band more than you’ll wear just about anything else. It’s on your finger all day every day, and that means comfort is important. You want something that feels good — from the weight and heft to the finish. Gunmetal gives you a smooth but textured finish that will feel perfectly at home on your hand. 
  • Color-Many grooms opt for gunmetal because they fall head over heels for the color. (After all, shouldn’t the symbol of your love also be something you love?) It’s a beautiful grey with just the right hint of a bluish-purple tinge. While it’s not silver, it’s also not not silver — classic enough that it can pass in traditional settings but different enough to stand out just a bit.


When you’re choosing a ring, you want something that’s as unique as your love and as stylish as you are. If that’s you, gunmetal might be the perfect choice.


Why Not Gunmetal Rings?

Of course, like any metal, it’s not perfect for everyone. Wondering if it’s for you? We think it’s a great look for any groom, but there’s one reason you might want to opt for something else: You’re More Traditional — There’s no getting around it: gunmetal is a modern look. If you’re looking for something classic, this may not be your look. Finding yourself drawn to more traditionally-shaped silver and gold bands? Maybe that’s the perfect symbol for your timeless love. We say roll with it!


For all the reasons we love gunmetal, it may not be your favorite. Ultimately, only you can make that choice. (That’s why we let you try your favorite looks at home — so you can find the perfect band for you.)


Gunmetal Favorites

Still on the fence? Ready to commit to gunmetal? Take a look at our favorite Jordan Jack gunmetal looks for inspiration.


  • The Classic Choice-This ring bears a lot of similarity to what you might think of as a more traditional wedding band. Its smooth, clean lines and rounded edges are perfect for the groom who wants a subtle but still modern look. And the rose gold toned ion plating on the inside provides the perfect contrast. It’s every bit as beautiful as the love you’ve found, and it, just like your love, will last for generations.
  • The Fusion-This ring brings in gunmetal and rose gold finishes, giving nods to classic silver and gold with a modern look. The rose gold toned ion plating along the beveled edges gives a tasteful finish. It traces perfectly clean lines with two grooves separating the edges from the gunmetal shank, and it’s just the right compliment to your heart of gold.
  • The Modern Twist-This ring is perfect for the groom looking for a stylish, updated look. It combines sleek, shiny edges with a darkened scratch texture that gives the illusion of black ice. Its visual depth clearly communicates your good taste, and its fine craftsmanship makes it the perfect wedding band to withstand the test of time right alongside you and your partner.


To Gunmetal, or Not to Gunmetal?

When it comes down to it, you know yourself, your taste and your love best. Whether you’re considering gunmetal among several other options or you know it’s right for you but just need to find the perfect ring style, the best way to find the perfect fit for you is with a home try-on box.


Ready to put your box together? Get started here.

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