Is a Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring Right for You?


Carbon fiber is making a splash in the world of wedding and engagement rings. It’s modern, textural, strong, and unique, so there’s little wonder that its popularity as a wedding ring material continues to grow.

More and more people are looking for something other than the traditional gold, silver, and platinum rings. Alternative materials are all the rage and ring designers are answering the call by making unique wedding bands out of all kinds of metals and materials. Where there were once limited choices for men’s wedding jewelry, there is now a multitude of options for the person who wants something different.

Among those new and unusual wedding band materials is carbon fiber. If you’re thinking a carbon fiber wedding or engagement ring might possibly be for you,Jordan Jackhas all you need to know to help you decide.


What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber was invented in the late 1800s by Joseph Swan for use in light bulbs. Thomas Edison created his own version in 1879 that he used to make an all-carbon filament for incandescent light bulbs. After that, carbon fiber went relatively unknown until 1963, when a process was developed that maximized its high potential strength. Manufacturers began to develop and produce stronger versions of carbon fiber for use in the aerospace industry. Now it is used in all kinds of applications, from automotive and protective wear to sunglasses and jewelry.

Without getting into scientific detail, carbon fiber is basically what its name suggests; fiber that’s made of carbon. Thin filaments of carbon atoms are bound together with a polymer to form a composite that can then be used to create an incredibly strong fabric or cloth from which a multitude of products can be made.

A relative newcomer to the wedding ring scene, carbon fiber continues to add to its impressive resume of potential uses. It can be used to create an entire wedding band or used as an inlay to add detail and eye-catching appeal to a ring. Some rings have small carbon fiber details to lend a little something extra. However it’s used in a ring, carbon fiber makes a bold and visually appealing statement.



Pros of a Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring

  • Affordable: Carbon Fiber is considerably less expensive than many of the more popular wedding ring materials. You won’t have to break the bank for a carbon fiber ring.
  • Sleek, modern look: It’s used in the aerospace industry so you know it looks cool. Worlds away from standard wedding ring materials, it’s still sophisticated enough to wear in business and professional settings.
  • Unique: While most men are sporting gold, silver, and platinum you could have a ring that’s different and unusual. If you steer clear of the beaten path, carbon fiber may be the material for you.
  • Durable and strong: Five times stronger than steel and twice as stiff, carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials you can choose for a wedding or engagement band. Carbon fiber rings can handle a lot of abuse and exposure. They’re chemical-resistant and temperature tolerant. They aren’t brittle like some other wedding band materials and can be dropped without shattering, chipping, or breaking. A carbon fiber ring can even withstand being driven over by a car without suffering damage. Carbon fiber is super tough and perfect for those who work with their hands.
  • Hypoallergenic: If other wedding ring materials irritate your skin, give carbon fiber a try. It’s hypoallergenic and highly unlikely to cause problems with your skin.
  • Conflict-Free: Carbon fiber is not only a sustainable material that isn’t mined from the earth, it’s also conflict-free. While some metals come from controversial areas of the world carbon fiber does not. It is not only a beautiful and strong choice but an ethical one as well.
  • Versatile: Carbon fiber can be woven into an array of interesting patterns and configurations, giving limitless design options.


Cons of a Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring

  • Conductive: A carbon fiber ring can conduct electricity, so if you’re a person whose hobbies or job put you at risk for electrocution carbon fiber might not be the best choice for you. You could always remove your ring before working or starting a task that might pose a risk, but that also creates the potential of losing your ring.
  • Difficult to Resize: Some carbon fiber rings can be resized while others cannot. If they can be resized it’s often difficult and costly to do so and finding a jeweler who will do it may be problematic. Finger size often changes as we age and our bodies change so be sure to find a ring that can change with you.


Shopping for a Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

Ascarbon fiber ringsbecome more popular, the number of choices has grown. There is a huge selection of great looking bands at various price points. You can find rings made entirely of carbon fiber or you can choose one with carbon fiber accents combined with other metals and materials to create a gorgeous wedding band.


Jordan Jack makes shopping for a carbon fiber ring easy and enjoyable. With Jordan Jack, you can shop from the comfort of your own home without the hassle of high-pressure sales people. It’s no longer necessary to go store-to-store in person, finding only limited choices at each stop. Instead, the whole selection of carbon fiber rings is right at your fingertips and ready to ship to your door. With Jordan Jack, the process is made simple with ourHome Try On box. Here’s how it works:

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  • Use our included ring sizing guide to accurately find your ring size. You can also download a printable sizing guide right on our website.
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Our Favorite Carbon Fiber Rings

Jordan Jack has a beautiful selection of carbon fiber rings from which to choose. Here are some of our favorites:


This manly looking ring has a textured black ion-plated outer shank and a secret carbon fiber inner band. Great looking, strong, and durable.

Tantalum Matte Black Carbon Fiber Inside Band, 8mm

Tungsten and carbon fiber are combined beautifully and adorned with a diamond for the icing on the cake. This one is for the man who wants it all.

Tungsten .03 Ct Round Diamond Carbon Fiber Inlay Fashion Band, 8mm

Smooth brushed cobalt pairs with a groove of yellow gold tone. This masterpiece is completed with a carbon fiber inner band that lends strength and gorgeous detail.

Cobalt Yellow And White Two-Tone Carbon Fiber Inside Band, 8mm

Black ion plated cobalt wedding ring with a polished contrasting outer edge. Inside you’ll find a chrome and black carbon fiber inlay that’s polished to give you a smooth comfort fit band.

Black Cobalt And Carbon Fiber Inlay Band, 8mm

A sharp blue ion plated cobalt is hammered and alternated with sleek polished cobalt on the outer band while the inside features an intricate design of blue and black carbon fiber inlay.

Cobalt Blue And White Two-Tone Carbon Fiber Inside Band, 8mm

Stainless steel ring with advanced technology that creates the black ion plating, combined with a blue-accented carbon fiber center. The edges are smooth and beveled, making this ring as comfortable as it is attractive.

Black Stainless Steel With Blue Carbon Fiber Band, 8mm


Ready to Find Your Ring?

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