How to Choose a Men’s Wedding Ring

Men’s Wedding Ring Shopping Leaps into the 21st Century with Jordan Jack


Not long ago, men’s wedding rings were almost an afterthought. With limited selection and few options for online shopping, the choosing of the man’s wedding band was a less than thrilling affair. Grooms commonly trudged from shop to shop, looking at the same few uninspired men’s wedding ring designs until finally landing on one that was acceptable. Brides, on the other hand, have enjoyed limitless choices and an excitement surrounding ring shopping that has generally been lacking for their significant others.


Jordan Jackis here to make ring shopping as fun for the men as it has been for the ladies. Let’s learn about the history of men’s wedding rings, the meaning of wedding rings, and how to shop for and choose one you’ll love for a lifetime.


A Brief History of Men’s Wedding Rings

This chasm between the ring shopping experience of brides and grooms is likely because men’s wedding bands were practically unheard of before the 20th century. Although wedding rings have been worn since ancient times in some form or another, it has always been women doing the wearing. Wedding bands for men didn’t really catch on until sometime around World War 2 when guys started wearing rings to remember their wives and lovers while they were away at war. The practice grew more popular during the Korean War and soon solidified into the tradition we know and love today.


What Do Wedding Rings Mean?

Wedding rings have meant different things throughout history. Ownership, status, exchange, rings have been symbols of all of these in times past. In modern times wedding bands have other meanings and often mean different things to different couples.


  •  A ring is a circle with no beginning and no end. That makes it a perfect symbol of eternity or endless love.   


  • Wedding rings are typically made of strong metals. Aside from practical reasons, the strength of a wedding band can represent permanence, strength, or symbolize the unbreakable bond of marriage.


  • Even the hole in the center of a wedding band has meaning. Ancient Egyptians believed it represented a gateway to the things that are known and also the things that are unknown, a fitting symbol for marriage. 


  • For some couples wedding rings have a much simpler meaning...we’re married!


How Do I Shop for a Men’s Wedding Band?

Nowadays, shopping for and choosing a man’s wedding band rivals the experience brides have enjoyed for decades. Design options are limitless and there are new, excitingmaterialsfrom which to choose. Jewelers have stepped up their game and are offering a broad selection of interesting and unique rings for men. 


While all of this is great, sometimes too many choices can be as frustrating as too few. So how do you narrow it all down and find the ring that’s just right for you?


Jordan Jack Has the Answer

It’s no longer necessary to go to the mall or make the rounds of all the jewelry stores in town. You don’t even have to leave your couch. There is an abundance of online retailers selling men’s wedding rings, making it possible for you to shop from the comfort of home. We know, we know...buying a ring sight unseen is a little risky to say the least, butJordan Jackhas the perfect solution to make online ring buying a no brainer. 


Home Try On Service

Jordan Jack’s Home Try On Serviceallows you to curate your own box of men’s wedding bands to try on at your leisure. It’s almost like having a personal ring valet at your service. Here’show it works:

Jordan Jack’s Home Try On Service

  • Choose 5 Rings

We have a beautiful selection of high quality, design-forward men’s wedding bands and male engagement rings. Whatever your style we have a ring to suit you perfectly. Browse our rings and choose the five that you like best. Add them to your Home Try On box so we can send them right to your house...for free.


  • Find Your Size

Download our handyonline ring sizing guideto get a good idea of your ring size. Order your sample rings in a few similar sizes. A ring sizer will also be included with your Home Try On box so you can be certain you have it just right when you place your final order.


  • Try Your Sample Rings and Choose Your Favorite

You have three days to try on and live with your rings. Wear them, admire them, enjoy late night chats with them...whatever you need to do to pick your favorite. Once you’ve made your decision send the Home Try On box back to us. It’s hard to say goodbye but don’t worry. Your new ring will arrive shortly.


  • Place Your Order

Log in to your account and order your wedding band! You can add ringengravingif personalization is your thing.


  • Relax

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and wait for your wedding band to show up at your doorstep. How did anyone buy wedding rings before this?



Men’s Wedding Band Styles

Now that you know where to shop for your male engagement ring or wedding band, it’s time for the fun part! A great place to start is to browse our men’s rings and get a feel for your overall design preference. Keep an open mind; you may be surprised to learn that you gravitate toward rings that are a different style than you thought you liked. It’s a good idea to order rings in a few different styles for yourHome Try Onbox.


Here are a few of our favorite men’s rings in different styles and with varying features; we know you’ll love them too:


  • Traditional

You can never go wrong with a timeless traditional style ring.


Our14kt Yellow Gold High Polished Milgrain Bandcombines traditional styling with a beautiful embellished edge. Crafted of 14 karat gleaming gold that can be passed down for generations.

14KT Yellow Gold High Polished Milgrain Band, 5mm


A wide band commands attention on theSterling Silver High Polished Bandfrom Jordan Jack. Classic looks pair perfectly with the modern comfort fit.

Sterling Silver High Polished Band, 8mm


  • Black Wedding Rings

Black rings for men are hot right now. Elegant and sleek with a touch of edginess, a black wedding band definitely makes a bold statement.


ThisTantalum Black Brushed Finish Bandfeatures a contrast of textures, with a smooth inner band paired with a brushed finish outer band. 

Tantalum Black Brushed Finish Band, 8MM


Jordan Jack’sBlack Matte and High Polish Rose Ip Inside Tungsten Fashion Bandsports a high polish golden inner band and a matte black outer band with stepped-down glossy edges.

Black Matte And High Polish Rose Ip Inside Tungsten Fashion Band, 8mm


  • Diamonds

It’s not just the ladies who love the bling. Say bye-bye to your uncle’s tacky diamond’s diamond rings for men are elegant with just the right amount of sparkle.


Featuring ten round brilliant diamonds neatly embedded in the center band, thisStainless Steel and 1/10 cttw Diamond Bandis sure to command attention in all the right ways.

Stainless Steel And 1/10 CTTW Diamond Band, 7mm


OurTitanium Diamond Solitaire Bandholds a single small diamond that proves less really can be more.

Titanium Diamond Solitaire Band 1/20CTTW, 8mm


  • Innovative Materials and Finishes

Men’s wedding bands are evolving at lightning pace. New materials and finishes keep things fresh and interesting.


Check out thisTantalum Bronze Brushed Finish Domed Bandwith its unique bronze hued outer band. Silver and gold are expected but bronze looks like nothing else.

Tantalum Bronze Brushed Finish Domed Band, 8MM


OurCobalt Yellow and White Two-Tone Carbon Fiber Inside Bandfeatures a solid brushed outer band with yellow gold center groove. Carbon fiber inlay encircles the inner band, making this ring a perfect harmonious blend.

Cobalt Yellow And White Two-Tone Carbon Fiber Inside Band, 8mm


Men’s Wedding Bands from Jordan Jack

AtJordan Jackwe’re thrilled to help you find the ring of your dreams. We know you will love ourselection of wedding rings for men, our quality, and our knowledgeable service. While all of that is plenty to knock your socks off we’re also sweetening the deal by including afree silicone ringwith every order. Now you can work hard and play hard without fear of damaging or losing your priceless wedding band.

Head on over toJordan Jackto get started putting together your very ownHome Try Onbox. Shopping for men’s wedding rings has never been easier or more enjoyable.

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