How do I know what width men’s wedding band to buy?


How thick are men’s wedding bands? What is the difference between 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm?

We get these questions all the time from many of our customers and is part of the reason we built Jordan Jack. Receiving 5 bands that you’ve selected from a variety of widths for your wedding band home try on...takes the guess work out of it. The industry average for a mens wedding band is 6mm but it really comes down to what is the most comfortable on your finger. All of our rings, in all sizes and widths are comfort fit.

My advice to all of our customers is to order your Home Try On wedding band sample pack and be sure to select a few different widths and sizes. We created wedding bands in half sizes to make sure your ring as comfortable as possible. Personally, I went with a 6mm band because I wanted a little more weight to it.  

Browse our selection and pick out your 5 bands for the Home Try On today. Whether you are looking for Silver, Titanium, Black, Tungsten, 14K Gold, Cobalt, or engraved - you can’t go wrong with any of our bands.  

Wish you all the best!


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