Getting Married During Social Distancing

Planning a mini wedding during the pandemic? Here are some ideas to make it great


Updated on December 1, 2020. 


Times are strange. We’ve gone from full lockdown to everything goes - and everything in between - in the span of just a few months. Major life events have been postponed or cancelled entirely, from graduations and birthday parties to funerals and weddings. If you had a wedding planned during this crazy time you may be left wondering what you’re going to do. Jordan Jack is here to help you navigate these uncharted waters with tips and ideas for planning a small wedding during the days of social distancing.


Timing Is Everything

First, you’ll need to decide whether to postpone your wedding or go ahead with your plans. Whatever you choose, the end result is that you’re marrying the one you love and it’s sure to be a memorable event no matter how or when you do it. 


If a modified approach is not your idea of a good time, we get it. If nothing less than a full-blown wedding and reception with all your friends and family in attendance will do, then consider postponing to a later date. Everyone will understand and your venue and vendors will likely have a contingency plan in place for this. If you decide to go this route, make sure you weigh the pros and cons. You may be able to have the wedding you originally planned, but nobody knows when life will return to normal. You could be waiting a long time for that wedding.


Rather than letting restrictions get you down, make the most of this strange time in history by having a mini wedding! If you choose to move ahead with your original wedding date, there are so many ways to take advantage of these unprecedented times to create a small wedding that is truly unique. If you stay flexible and get creative, you can keep your wedding date while keeping your social distance.


The World Wide Web is Your Friend

With the whole world at your fingertips through the magic of the internet you can plan an amazing mini wedding without leaving home. From ring shopping to favor buying, venue booking to officiant selection, online wedding planning has never been easier. When the big day arrives, online platforms allow you to bring together guests from all over the world so that nobody will miss a single moment. Use all of this to your advantage and you’ll have a mini wedding that will go down as legend in the life you make together.


Online Ring Shopping

Pandemic or no, brick-and-mortar ring buying has never been exactly fun. Pushy salespeople, limited selection, and driving from store to store make most of us want to stay home. Since we’re doing exactly that anyway, now’s a great time to shop for your rings online! Jordan Jack has an excellent selection of engagement and wedding rings made of high-quality materials at affordable prices. Our at home try-on service makes it easy to find rings that you love without leaving your house. The process is simple; choose your five favorite rings and order your home try-on box. Take your time choosing the one you love best in the comfort of your own home -- shop in your pajamas if that’s how you roll. Once you’ve decided on your favorite, find your size and order your perfect ring. It will be delivered to your door easier than you can say “social distance dilemmas don’t have a thing on me.”


Creative Wedding Ideas During a Pandemic

As events unfold and restrictions tighten, ease, and possibly tighten again, keep your mind open and your options flexible. Being willing to go with the flow will help keep your pre-wedding stress to a minimum. Often the need to adjust at the last minute makes for the best memories later on so expect the unexpected and roll with whatever comes. Remember the end result is what you’re after. 


Even if restrictions have lessened it’s a good idea to make wedding plans that will still work if we have to go back to tighter restrictions or a lockdown situation. Here are some ideas that can be tweaked to accommodate any rules that may be in place when your wedding date arrives.


  • Outdoor Ceremony

    This one’s a no-brainer. Experts agree that risk of contagion is far less in an outdoor setting, especially if you make sure guests spread out and maintain social distance. Options abound here; a park, local landmark, a field with a stunning backdrop, or even your own backyard can all make for a lovely venue to say, “I do.” You can have guests present or host the whole thing online through a meeting platform or social media. If you choose to have guests be sure there are plenty of handwashing or sanitizing stations. Consider a virtual guestbook to limit things that people touch. Choose smaller groupings for ceremony or dinner seating. Satellite stations spread around the venue for bars and dance floors are a safer option than having one dance floor or area for guests to get drinks. If you’re serving dinner go with a plated dinner service rather than a buffet. A circular seating arrangement is a unique and lovely way to keep people spread out during both the ceremony and reception. You can get married in the center of the circle surrounded by your guests and dine at a sweetheart table placed there after the ceremony. Alternatively, spread your event over all available areas, making different places for people to keep their distance. Provide cute wedding-themed masks to help keep everyone protected.
  • Drive-In Wedding

    Choose a wide-open field or a big parking lot and have your guests watch the whole thing from their cars. An aisle can be created by parking the cars just so and you can still have the ceremony experience without putting anyone at risk. A big screen can make it easy for everyone to see what’s happening or you can live stream virtual guests on the screen so nobody will be missed. Guests can enjoy individually boxed slices of cake or cupcakes in their cars after the ceremony and you can provide splits of champagne for a toast.
  • Picnic

    Provide picnic baskets and blankets for your wedding guests and have households sit together. From their blankets friends and family can watch the ceremony and then enjoy a picnic dinner complete with cake and champagne toast afterward. Bonus points for live music, but only if that’s allowed by current restrictions.
  • Mail Kit Wedding

    Make a mailable kit for each household that includes things like a program, champagne splits and glasses, miniature cake or petit fours, and favors. On the set day and time, host the wedding virtually utilizing all of the elements in the kits. Dance the night away with your friends by having an online dance party after the ceremony, cake, and toasts.    
  • Wedding Party Only

    Plan your mini wedding with only the wedding party present in-person. Guests and loved ones attend virtually. You can make this as lavish as you’d like since only a small space will need to be decorated and only the few in attendance will require clothing, food, and all the other typical wedding elements. This is a fantastic way to make a mini wedding feel like a grand affair!


Whether you choose to postpone your wedding or throw a fantastic mini wedding in spite of current events, Jordan Jack wishes you all the best. Stay safe, be well, and congratulations from Jordan Jack!

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