Engagement Rings for Gay Men


If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you’ve found the guy of your dreams and are preparing to pop the question. Congratulations! This is a pivotal life moment. You are feeling the heightened excitement of the joyful moments you’re about to have, and those that you envision for the rest of your future with your chosen partner. While you may “just know” he’s the one, which is one of the best feelings in the world, you may also want to buy him an engagement ring. This is where the questions start. What style suits him? How much you should spend? Are engagement rings even a thing for the two of you? Sure, there are a few logistical concerns to address before the two of you are bejeweled and walking off together into the proverbial sunset, but have no fear after coming here!


Making History

Thousands of same-sex couples are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversaries this year after tying the knot following the landmark Supreme Courtdecisionin 2015. Meanwhile hundreds of our friends inMassachusetts, the state whose Supreme Judicial Court was the first state and sixth jurisdiction in the world to recognize the right of each one of us to marry the person we love, have been toasting their 16th.

Given this history, you can feel confident that others have had the same concerns about gay men’s engagement rings that you have, but that you still have an opportunity to be a trailblazer if you so choose. Engagement rings are most certainly a thing for men, and picking one out for your guy should be exciting and fun. What’s most important is the love you share and the commitment that you want to make public. At Jordan Jack, we say the more love in the world, the better!


Gay Men’s Engagement Rings

When it comes to picking out an engagement ring for your guy, you can be as creative or “traditional” as you want to be. You are the tradition-maker now. Maybe he’d love a simple gold or silver band, or maybe he’d run in the other direction if presented with one, whereas a more modern and distinctive choice would create a slight watering of the eye. Speaking of modern and distinctive, the past few years have seen a wealth of new options and materials. Did you know that men could choose engagement rings made out of titanium? How about tungsten? Cobalt? Carbon-fiber? Have you ever even heard of tantalum?

You clearly have options. Let’s consider what you’ll need to consider as you move forward.


How to Choose an Engagement Ring for Your Man

  1. Take your time. Enjoy the process. You want to feel joy when he says “yes” – not relief. Stressing out over which ring to pick could wear you down in advance. It could also compromise your confidence in your ultimate decision—about the ring, of course, not the fiancé!
  2. Know your budget in advance to make the selection process start smoothly. Rings vary widely in price, and the choice of metal will factor in, so set your range and operate within it. You can find a lifetime winner for much less than you’d think. In any case, as long as you stay within your means, there’s no right or wrong amount to spend on your man’s engagement ring.
  3. Think about his style. What ring would best complement the clothes he tends to wear? If it’s a suit and tie every day, then something classic and timeless might be the way to go. If he’s a T-shirts-and-jeans guy then you might want a clean and straightforward design. If the words “funky” or “eclectic” frequently come up in conversation when people talk about your fiancé-to-be, then your license is a bit broader. That’s fine—it’s all about matching the ring to the man.
  4. Talk to his friends. Odds are pretty decent that they’ll have some insight as to what he might like best in an engagement ring—maybe it’s something he’s talked about for ages already. Send his pals photos or links so that they can browse along with you. Perhaps invite one over for aHome Try On. Just make sure in advance that your chosen confidant will keep your intentions secret.
  5. What’s his ring size? Maybe his fingers are the same size as yours—if so, easy! If not, and he already wears rings, wait for the opportunity to “borrow” one and then check it out with our printableRing Sizing Guide.


Proposing Man to Man

If you haven’t yet seen the award-winning sitcom Schitt’s Creek, then spoiler alert! What makes thisproposal scene(start at 4:35) unique isn’t the hike up to the beautiful view, it isn’t the two guys in love . . . what closes the deal is the thoughtful choice of engagement jewelry that matches the recipient so perfectly. One partner replacing the other’s trademark stainless-steel rings with an equal number in gold is the stroke of brilliance that makes the scene so memorable.

You don’t have to show up on one knee with multiple rings when you propose, but that’s an option we can help you with. Meanwhile, if you’re still pondering how to set up your own memorable question-asking moment, check out our recent blog entry,Top Five Proposal Ideas for Gay Men.


Ready to start selecting your perfect guy’s perfect engagement ring?

ClickBuy Nowor check out our innovativeHome Try Onoption. We will send you five different rings from which you can choose. Just return those you don’t pick. Once you make your purchase, we will even send you afree silicone ringthat can be swapped out for your guy’s heirloom ring when he’s out there working at his hands-on job or playing his favorite sport.

Jordan Jack is proud to help you establish your own tradition, and psyched to make it as easy and fun as possible for you to choose the perfect engagement ring for your perfect man!

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