Diamonds – A Man’s Best Friend?


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…but why should the ladies have all of the fun? Boys like bling too and diamond bands for men are becoming more and more popular. A quick glance at any magazine or awards show reveals male celebrities embracing the diamond look alongside their female counterparts. As gender conventions loosen, any previous rules for diamond jewelry have fallen by the wayside, allowing men to feel free to enjoy diamond jewelry with no hesitation. 


In the world of wedding jewelry, women’s engagement rings have always taken the spotlight. They sparkle, they shine, they elicit oohs and ahhs from all. But times they are a-changing and men’s rings are finally starting to get the attention they deserve. Men are no longer the only ones doing the proposing and many men are starting to realize that they like the sparkle and shine of a diamond as well. Same sex couples, LGBTQ couples, and heterosexual couples are all finding men’s engagement rings to be a fun and meaningful part of their love story and they’re turning to diamonds to adorn those rings. 


Along with the evolution of the traditional proposal, men’s wedding band styles are evolving as well. Gone are the days when a plain silver or gold band were standard issue; today’s rings are bolder and more tailored to the unique men who wear them and plenty of guys are finding that diamonds are a perfect fit. From diamond solitaire bands to bands with several diamonds, classic clear diamonds to colored diamond options, men today have a lot of choices when it comes to diamond wedding and engagement rings. Jordan Jack has diamond engagement and wedding bands to suit all tastes and styles. From classic to modern, quiet sophistication to bold statement pieces, you’re sure to find your perfect ring with Jordan Jack.


Diamond Solitaire Bands

A diamond solitaire band offers classic, timeless styling; its single or “solitary” diamond a perfect symbol of forever love. This setting highlights the beauty of the diamond and makes it a prominent focal point. It’s uncomplicated, unfussy, and complements every style and every wearer. The diamond solitaire is just right for those with quiet confidence – those who love some sparkle but want to keep it simple.


Jordan Jack’sTungsten .03 Ct Round Diamond Carbon Fiber Inlay Fashion Bandis made for the man with an eye for classic styling but a taste for modern materials. The single diamond shows a subtle flair for the dramatic and is made distinct by a tungsten surround. A carbon fiber inlay is bold and striking while the tungsten band makes this a strong and durable choice. It’s both masculine and refined. 


TheTitanium Diamond Solitaire Bandfeatures a solitary diamond in a sleek and timeless package. Brushed titanium gives this band a hint of modernity and scratch resistance while the contoured edges make it feel right at home on your finger. It delivers straightforward styling with a touch of sparkle for the man who knows what he wants.


Bands with Multiple Diamonds

Some want just a bit of sparkle while others want more. Take the bling to the next level with bands that have more than one diamond. A great choice for men who enjoy the finer things in life and those who command attention. Multiple diamonds are sure to turn heads and are a stunning way to show your taste for rare and beautiful things.


OurCobalt and Stainless Steel Diamond Bandfeatures a black cobalt band with brushed stainless steel inlay. Ten round brilliant diamonds are channel set in the center of the inlay for an eye-catching pop of sparkling brilliance. This band makes a bold statement with modern, durable materials and cutting-edge style.


TheStainless Steel and Diamond Bandis fit for royalty. Ten diamonds sit nestled in a brushed stainless steel center surrounded by polished, grooved edges that glisten and gleam. The comfort fit, polished inner band gives a luxurious feeling on your finger, making you feel like a king every day.   


Bands with Colored Diamonds

Clear or white diamonds have always been the standard for wedding jewelry but colored diamonds have been making a splash in recent years. Choosing a colored diamond can be simply a matter of taste or they can be chosen for their different meanings. Blue diamonds represent passion, truth, devotion, and eternity. Black diamonds symbolize authority, power, energy, and action. Other colors have their own symbolic meanings as well.


Choosing colored diamonds for your engagement or wedding band can give you even more opportunity to express your unique style and personality – don’t be afraid to give them a try!


Jordan Jack’sStainless Steel and Blue Diamond Bandhas a futuristic feel with bold modern touches. The smooth inner band sports a comfort fit while the outer band features satin finished stainless steel and glossy beveled edges. A black diagonal center channel holds three blue diamonds, telling the world that you aren’t afraid to make bold choices.


The BlackStainless Steel and Black Diamond Bandis for the dark horse; a mysterious, stylish man with quiet confidence. A smooth comfort fit inner band leads to a polished lip on the outer edge where nine black diamonds shine on an elevated channel – the crowning glory of this masterpiece of a ring. The black ion coating on the stainless steel band lends a strong masculinity while the details make for a visual impact that’s hard to ignore.


Jordan Jack Has Your Perfect Ring

Despite the endless variety of engagement and wedding bands, the diamond remains the single most enduring symbol of love. A diamond’s hardness gives it an air of everlasting invincibility and strength. Likewise, the metamorphosis of a diamond from a lump of coal to a thing of immense beauty is symbolic of the humble beginnings of love that transform over time. An unbreakable stone represents an unbreakable bond between two people and diamonds continue to stand tall as the standard bearer for jewelry for those we love. No longer just for the ladies, diamond engagement and wedding bands are perfect for gentlemen too.


When it’s time to find your perfect diamond engagement or wedding band, give Jordan Jack a try. We make it easy to find your favorite without the hassle of going store to store. OurHome Try Onservice is simple: just pick 5 rings and we’ll send them to you for free to try on in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience. Choose your favorite and order it online, return the sample rings to us, and your chosen ring will arrive on your doorstep within a few days.


Easy, convenientring shoppingthat brings the very best rings right to your door? That’s more valuable than all the diamonds in the world!

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