Buyer’s Guide For Couples Wedding Bands

You’ve found your perfect match. We’ll help you find perfect couples wedding bands.


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Ahh…engagement bliss. You found The One. There was a proposal. Celebrations ensued. Fun was had. Now, it’s go time. Wedding planning time. Maybe you’ve been in the thick of wedding preparations for months or maybe you’ve just begun. Either way, at some point you’ll need to choose wedding bands. Wedding band shopping can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your engagement or it can be a torture that has you deeply questioning your life choices. Take it easy on yourself by shopping for couples wedding rings with Jordan Jack. To help you get started, we’ve compiled some handy tips so you’ll love your wedding ring shopping almost as much as you love your spouse-to-be.


To Match or Not to Match

To match or not to match, that is the question…oh wait, that’s not how it goes. Regardless, it’s probably the first thing you should consider when thinking about and choosing your couples wedding rings.


Some feel that matching rings are symbolic of unity, harmony, and the perfect match between two people in love. Matching rings carry a sense of oneness and synchrony. Others feel that having perfectly matched rings stifles their own individuality and freedom of expression. They may see non-matching rings as symbolic of the yin and yang of their relationship or a great way to represent the attraction of opposites. Or, and hear us out – they may simply have very different tastes.


If you can’t decide between matching vs non-matching wedding bands, you may consider choosing rings that complement each other but don’t necessarily match. You can find rings that look alike but come in different widths, metals, or colors, or that have similar details that look as great together as you and your fiancé.


There’s no rule that says you have to match and there’s no rule that says you can’t; make your own rules and choose whatever feels right for you. Whatever choice you make, the most important thing is that you both love your rings. You’ll be wearing them for the rest of your lives so choose wedding bands that you’ll love today, tomorrow, and every day after.   

couple with matching rings



Once you’ve decided whether your couples wedding bands will match or not match it’s time to think about what style you’d like. Are you an old soul who loves a vintage vibe, a timeless, classic sort who wants a ring that will never go out of fashion, or do you swerve toward modern and contemporary designs that showcase your of-the-moment sensibilities? No matter your type you can find wedding bands to suit your unique taste.



It’s the little things that make a ring memorable and that speak to us when we’re shopping for just the right one. If you love sparkle, diamonds are just the thing for your ring. Channels, ridges, and grooves can take a band from ordinary to extraordinary. Bold pops of color offer a chance to stand out among the crowd. Rounded or contoured edges, step edges, and beveled edges all add visual interest. Carbon fiber inlays, inner band details, milgrain patterns, and two-tone styling are all small ways to make your ring stand out.



Metals come in many finishes and each offers a different way to make your ring your own. Satin and brush finishes are elegant alternatives to the classic high polish of traditional wedding rings. If tradition is your thing, the high polish styles are timeless and will always be en vogue.

Scratch and matte finishes are great choices for modern wedding bands, while textured or hammered finishes are eye catching and unique. Some rings offer more than one finish, providing contrast and detail to otherwise simple designs. All of these finish choices give you opportunities to make your couples wedding bands more personal. 


Width of Band

If you love the idea of matching rings but can’t find ones that complement your hands as well your significant others, consider buying matching rings in different widths. Wedding ring bands often come in various widths so you can find a ring that will suit you both without giving up the matching aspect. For bigger hands and broader fingers wide and medium bands look great. Smaller hands often look best in narrow bands. Try several widths to find the one that looks and feels just right. 



Gold, silver, and platinum have been the reigning kings of wedding band metals for as long as anyone can remember, but why should those guys get all the glory? Traditional metals will always have their place but other metals are edging their way in to have their moment in the sun. Modern metals like tungsten, titanium, stainless steel, tantalum, and cobalt often offer better durability and can give you another way of showcasing your unique taste.



Now we get to the best part…making your couples wedding bands one of a kind and personalized to you and your partner. Engraving your rings makes them extra special and lets you keep a personal message close at hand and heart. Inscribed on the inner band, an engraving is like a special secret between you and your love. You can choose anything you want for your inscription; an inside joke, heartfelt message, declaration of love, or a promise of your never-ending devotion. The possibilities are endless so the biggest challenge will be narrowing down your choices!


Jordan Jack’s Matches Made in Heaven

At this point, you should be armed with some things to think about before you start shopping for your wedding rings. Have some of these mental notes in mind while you’re exploring optioons and make sure you and your spouse-to-be prioritize fun when considering and choosing rings. Enjoy the experience. Remember that there are no rules for how or what you choose; the most important thing is that you love your rings now and forever! Whether you choose matching styles or not, classic or contemporary bands, traditional metals or modern favorites, your wedding rings should tell the world who you are as an individual and as a couple. 


Here are some Jordan Jack rings that we hope look as great together as you and your fiancé:


Perfectly Matched

These Sterling Silver High Polished Bands come in three widths:4mm,6mm, and8mm. You can buy the same width or choose different widths depending on your style and preference. These silver bands feature classic styling and are very versatile, suiting tastes from traditional to modern.

Sterling Silver High Polished Band, 4mm

Sterling Silver High Polished Band, 6mm

Sterling Silver High Polished Band, 8mm


With Complements

Featuring similar details that complement one another beautifully, theStainless Steel and Blue Diamond bandandBlack Stainless Steel and Blue Diamond bandallow each of you to express your style while still being part of a coherent unit. The common details of stainless steel, blue diamonds, and black components tie these bands together with no need for matchy matchiness. These rings would be perfect for a modern, edgy couple that gravitates toward beyond-the-norm.

Stainless Steel And Blue Diamond 1/20 CTTW Band

Black Stainless Steel And Blue Diamond Band


Opposites Attract

When you each want to express your individual taste but still feel connected, just a tiny shared detail can be the thing. Jordan Jack’sTantalum Matte Gunmetal and Rose Inside bandand theTantalum Two-Tone Rose and Black Frozen Center bandmay have nothing in common at first glance. The secret is on the inside: both feature a high gloss rose inner band so you can feel connected to your love while still being true to yourself.

Tantalum Matte Gunmetal And Rose Inside Band, 7mm

Tantalum Two-Tone Rose And Black Frozen Center, 8mm


Jordan Jack Home Try On Service

Choosing your couples wedding bands can be easy and fun when you choose Jordan Jack. Ourhome try-on serviceis second to none with its easy and convenient approach to ring shopping. Just choose five rings to try and we’ll send them to you free of charge! Select your favorite, order the correct size, and your ring will be delivered right to your door. No shop-to-shop hassle or high-pressure sales; you and your partner can shop in the comfort of your own home and enjoy trying on rings together when your try-on boxes arrive.


Best of all you can enjoy 20% off your entire purchase until February 29, 2020. Just use code LOVEJJ at checkout and you’ll be on your way to wedded bliss. Jordan Jack wishes you all the best in your wedding planning and in your new life together!

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