Black Wedding Rings for Men

Interested in a black men’s wedding ring? Find out more about the options Jordan Jack has to offer.


Updated on April 12, 2021.


Many couples feel most comfortable exchanging traditional wedding bands at their marriage ceremony – rings constructed from classic materials like goldsilver or platinum. But if you and your significant other are among a growing number of couples who enjoy thinking outside the box when it comes to choosing wedding rings, we suggest you take a look at the black wedding bands inJordan Jack’s inventoryof quality artisan-crafted wedding bands. They are definitely unique when it comes to making a contemporary fashion statement


The Symbolism and Allure of Black Ring

The history of men wearing black rings dates back to ancient Roman-Greco times. Jewelry artisans of the time often used black onyx, a type of quartz featuring both beautiful texture as well as shine, to create impressive rings that warriors wore into battle. Although in many cultures the color black is associated with negativity, death and witchcraft, it's important to note that black also has strong associations with the qualities of strength, power and conviction. Couples who want to focus on the strength of their connection to one another while emphasizing the eternal nature of their bond, often appreciate the deep symbolism connected to black wedding bands for men. 

Even today’s celebrities can be seen sporting a handsome black wedding ring on their ring finger, including Emmy-award winning restaurateur Guy Fieri of the Food Network, and plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Dubrow of the popular television series "Botched."


The Jordan Jack Difference


Quality of Construction

We know that our discerning clientele demands a wedding ring of the highest quality craftsmanship that will stand the test of time, a ring that not only looks stunning but also proves itself durable year after year. The black wedding rings for men featured in our online store are constructed using the finest quality materials, such as:

These are all metals known for their hardness, strength and ability to still look handsome after years of wear.



In our wide range of rings, you’ll find more than two dozen different mens black wedding bands. Whether the ring that speaks to you features a grooved center band, a cobalt carbon fiber inlay, or a spectacular hammered finish, you’ll notice that each shares a fine attention to detail. We even combine the concept of a mens black wedding band with a center row of the finest quality “natural” diamonds, one of our most popular black wedding band selections.

Black Stainless Steel And 1/7 CTTW Diamond Band, 7mm



Because of the material used in their construction, wedding rings that are black tend to be stronger and more durable than rings made of weaker metals such asgoldorsilver. If you plan on wearing your black wedding ring on a daily basis (most married people do!), you will come to appreciate the ruggedness and strength it displays – day after day, year after year. Black rings made fromtungsten carbideortitaniumtend to be the most durable of all, will never experience fading or corrosion, and do not develop surface scratches like other metal rings.




Like the tuxedo or the little black dress, mens black wedding rings remain stylish and attractive no matter what the season or occasion. Black rings are an ideal fashion accessory whether you are dressed to the nines, outfitted in business attire, or wearing a t-shirt and your favorite pair of jeans. Although black rings are definitely a hot current fashion trend with an increasing number of fashion-conscious men, they will undoubtedly remain in style long after they disappear from trend lists. Black wedding rings have a timeless quality that simply transcends flavor-of-the-day fashion.


Impressive Designs at Affordable Prices

Each of the black mens wedding bands offered byJordan Jackis an heirloom quality piece of jewelry that can easily be passed from one generation to the next, much as quality gold and platinum wedding bands have been over the last century. However, despite their expensive look and feel, all of our black wedding bands have an affordable price tag!


The Jordan Jack Shopping Experience

If you or your partner are trying to get your head around how a black wedding ring would look on your hand or enhance your sartorial style, Jordan Jack makes it easy for you to stop wondering and start experiencing. As a pioneer in the online jewelry industry, Jordan Jack has introduced a totally unique way to shop for black wedding bands through its Home Try On Service.

At your leisure, and without the pressure of waiting for help at some mall jewelry store manned by an inexperienced clerk, you and your partner can browse through our online inventory of black wedding rings. Simply select up to five black wedding bands you would like to test drive and we will box them up and ship them to you without charge. You will then have up to three full days to try them on and audition them for friends and family prior to placing your order. We strongly believe that providing our customers with the ability to live with a ring for several days prior to making a purchase decision helps dramatically increase their satisfaction with the ring they ultimately buy. And we arealways available to answer any questions you may have before, during or after the selection process, ensuring your entire experience is start-to-finish smooth.


Correct Sizing

Because Jordan Jack wants every customer to receive a ring that fits perfectly, we provide an online ring sizing guide that you can print to ensure a perfect fit. Our Home Try On boxes also arrive with a ring sizer for added accuracy. Finally, to make 100% sure you find your correct ring size, Jordan Jack recommends ordering a variety of sizes for your Home Try On. For instance, order an 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, etc.


Ready to Think Outside the Box with Black?

A black wedding ring chosen from our portfolio of unique Jordan Jack black ring designs may be the perfect way to demonstrate to each other, and the rest of the world, the strong bond of commitment the two of you share. More and more men are becoming enamored of the fact that a black wedding band truly symbolizes a couple's unshakeable faith in a marriage that will enduringly stand the test of time.

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