Are you an Outdoorsman?

Let Jordan Jack show you why our rings are perfect to wear every day


Is your outdoorsy lifestyle a good fit for wearing a wedding ring? Let Jordan Jack show you why our rings are perfect to wear every day

When it’s all about outdoor style for men, Jordan Jack has grooms-to-be covered with our sturdy, highly durable, and scratch-resistant wedding band options. Our wedding rings are designed to fit even the most outdoorsy/active men in terms of both style and resistance to wear and tear. When it’s a matter of pairing a groom’s love of the outdoors with fine jewelry, our wedding bands are superior by design thanks to choice metals/alloys and craftsmanship. “It’s a commitment we’ve made to use the best materials and the very best skilled craftsmen and designers to create wedding rings that last a lifetime,” says Jordan Yoder, Founder of Jordan Jack.

Are you an adventurous type? Wedding bands for men who hunt, fish, camp, and hike

Tantalum Wedding Rings | Masculine Options for the Modern 21st Century Groom

The Jordan Jack portfolio of wedding bands includes 10 Tantalum rings to mark the occasion of your extraordinary love and commitment to one another. This rare, hard gray metal is especially popular because it can match the style choices of a lot of men—from outdoorsy types—to chic geeks. Jordan Jack Tantalum rings come in a variety of preferred finishes that go from high-shine to smooth edges with lots of texture and visual depth. 

Here are a couple of key points regarding the pros of Tantalum:

  • Hypoallergenic metal
  • Darker gray compared to platinum; is often a substitute for platinum
  • Has a strong sense of masculinity
  • Is lightweight for a comfort fit
  • Is highly corrosion resistant
  • Does not conduct heat
  • Scuffs can be polished out
  • Has a high-density composition; extreme strength and toughness

Thick width tantalum rings don’t expand because the metal doesn’t conduct heat, so it will never feel uncomfortable on the ring finger. This metal is considered a low-maintenance choice that can be engraved with initials, the date of the wedding, or something else significant and meaningful shared by the groom and his partner that adds an extra-special romantic element.

Engrave with letters and numbers only; engraving is inside the band.

Men’s Tantalum wedding rings in the Jordan Jack Portfolio have a broad appeal to men who are outdoorsy and adventurous.

Here are few top choices: 

Tantalum Gunmetal Scratch Finish Band, 8mm | Band is available in sizes 7-14

The dark gray gunmetal, scratch-like texture of the finish of this Jordan Jack Tantalum wedding band makes it a great choice for outdoorsmen who have a liking for camo. Why? It visually creates an optical illusion of sorts with an appearance of black ice. With its luxurious sheen, the polished Tantalum lip adds visual depth thanks to the gunmetal “frozen satin” texture. Features of this wedding band, besides how comfortably it fits on your ring finger:

  • Gunmetal-Scratched Textured
  • Polished Step Edges

Black Tantalum Groove Center Band, 8mm | Find your fit in sizes 7-14

This Tantalum wedding ring features advanced ion-plating technology to enhance durability and scratch resistance. Its stealthy black style is perfect for the outdoorsman. Unique elements include smooth polished edges along the ring's shank; the hammered texture helps to create visual complexity.

Top features of this wedding ring, along with its comfort fit factor are:

  • Black Ion Plating 
  • Rugged Style

Tantalum with Matte Black Carbon Fiber Inside the Band, 8mm | Ring is sized for you in a range from 7-14

The comfort fit of this Jordan Jack Tantalum wedding ring is as much a must-have feature as its mesmerizing carbon fiber design inside. Visual depth is at play thanks to the ring’s stunning textured black ion-plating outer shank, which adds durability. “For the outdoorsman and men who are daring, the carbon fiber inside the band stands up to the test of time,” says Yoder, adding, “When you find the perfect style and fit like this, you always want it to last.”

Features of this wedding band, in addition to its comfortable fit include:

  • Black Ion-Plating 
  • Carbon Fiber Inside
Other Tantalum Wedding Bands in the Jordan Jack Portfolio include:


Tantalum Matte Gunmetal and Rose Inside the Band: This 7mm ring is designed with a textured gunmetal outer shank with rose gold-tone ion plating on the inside for a subtle contrasting style.


Tantalum Two-Tone Ridge Design: is a two-tone handsome statement for the wedding day and beyond. Gold tone sheen and polished beveled edges emphasize the ring’s gold tone ion-plating ridge and brushed tantalum textures.


Jordan Jack Wedding Rings are the Perfect Choice for Outdoorsmen

Jordan Jack is eager to assist the outdoorsman to select the right ring that provides masculine style and lightweight, easy wearability. The perfect contemporary wedding ring is a symbol of love between two committed individuals, and at Jordan Jack, we’re here to provide the comfort wedding band that defines your style for a lifetime.


The company’s “Try Five On for Size” process is a popular way to make a choice in the privacy of your home. Jordan Jack sends grooms-to-be a box filled with five preselected wedding rings by the groom. Decide over a three-day period and then return the box once the ring choice has been made. It’s a seamless system to help grooms more easily make one of their most difficult wedding day decisions.


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