Are you an Arthritic? Choose a Jordan Jack Wedding Band for Ease of Wear and Comfort

Try Five On for Size and Comfort: Jordan Jack’s Wedding Rings Offer a Comfort Fit Feature


Having issues with ring fit and finger joint swelling?
For anyone who might have a health issue that could impose on being able to wear a wedding ring comfortably—such as swollen finger joints due to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis—men’s wedding band designer Jordan Jack might have just the solution you’re seeking. The comfort factor dominates in the design of a wedding band, especially so for arthritics, who cope with a condition in which inflammation of the joints causes swelling. Jordan Jack designs for comfort, including wedding bands that are ultra thin (2mm).

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Choosing a wedding band if you have arthritis: How do you determine ring size?
Jordan Jack provides a ring-sizing guide online that you can use before ordering to get a better idea of what ring size works best for you. A ring-sizing guide also comes with your Home Try On package that includes five rings for you to try on over a three-day period before returning the box that’s been customized for you. This way, in the convenience of your home, you can accurately size your ring finger to ensure you complete your order with the correct ring size. It is a perfect way to “live” with a ring before making a commitment. Sizing a ring for an arthritic is not simply about passing a ring over an enlarged knuckle. While the knuckle may be enlarged, the rest of the finger may not be as swollen. Having a little extra space for future swelling is certainly smart and sensible, however, there could be other concerns in sizing such as: Will the ring spin on the finger? “The majority of our rings are sized 7-14, including half sizes,” says Jordan Yoder, Founder of Jordan Jack. “We don’t want a groom-to-be, especially someone concerned about ring fit due to arthritis to feel pressured into a rushed decision that he could regret later. We’re here to help reduce wedding ring shopping anxiety by completely removing the risk," he says, adding, “We have a keen understanding of the traditional pitfalls inherent in the purchase a wedding band.” As such, Jordan Jack is ready to work with customers facing concerns over ring fit due to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in order to ensure ways to comfortably wear a wedding band from the wedding ring exchange during vows through a lifetime of coupledom. Recommendations for potentially increasing a band’s comfort and wear include utilizing:

  • Ring adjusters
  • Therapeutic ring splits
  • Spring-loaded spacers (automatically adjusts according to levels of inflammation)

When Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) affects finger joints, properly sizing a wedding band becomes a critical factor because of the following:

  • Pain, swelling and stiffness of hands and fingers
  • Fingers and/or joint numbing and tingling
  • Finger joints that are misshapen

Before deciding whether or not to wear a wedding ring due to rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, consider selecting a wedding band from Jordan Jack with our Comfort Fit feature.

Gold Wedding Bands
Jordan Jack’s most popular offerings in Gold include: 14KT White Gold High Polished Band, 6MM or 14KT White Gold High Polished Band, 4MM, plus 14KT Yellow Gold High Polished Band, 6MM or 14KT White Gold High Polished Band, 4MM. Your Home Try On package of five rings lets you choose your specific Comfort Fit.

For arthritics, what’s important to note here is that gold is an adaptable and yielding metal. As such, it could be cut off if needed due to any number of difficulties the groom might face, including painful joint swelling. Gold is a traditional choice for grooms-to-be who are looking for:

  • Comfort in a wedding band for wearability
  • Classic style with a luxurious sheen
  • A metal that is particularly beautiful when polished

Gold also ranks in style because it:

  • Holds up very well to everyday wear
  • Can be restored at anytime to look brand new
  • Is available in a variety of colors; white, yellow and rose are the most popular

Note: For any Home Try On Gold wedding bands, Jordan Jack sends Gold replicas due to material value. The replicas are engineered with the look and feel of the gold wedding band in order to be as close as possible to the actual product.


Sterling Silver Wedding Bands
Jordan Jack’s most popular offerings in Silver include: Sterling Silver High Polished Band, 2MM or Sterling Silver High Polished Band, 4MM . Your Home Try On package of five rings lets you choose your specific Comfort Fit. Silver is another excellent wedding metal choice for arthritics because it is an extremely supple and soft, ductile and malleable transition metal, although it is distinguished as being slightly less yielding than gold. Similar to Gold, it can be easily cut off in case of an urgent situation. An ultra-thin 2mm wedding band is a sophisticated and comfort-driven choice for arthritics. The Silver Jordan Jack design features:

  • Comfort Fit
  • Traditional cachet
  • High-polish sterling silver
  • Tarnish resistance

For Arthritic Choosing a Jordan Jack Wedding Ring
Jordan Jack is eager to help you find the right ring that provides the comfort and fit you are looking and hoping for. Your wedding ring is a symbol of your love and we’re here to help you find a ring that you can wear comfortably, too.

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