Affordable Wedding Rings that Don’t Rust or Tarnish


When you buy a piece of jewelry to symbolize an eternal commitment, you want something you can wear forever — something that’s going to last. And it needs to be something that will look good and keep its class year-in and year-out. But where do you start?

To begin, let’s talk about what you need to look out for when picking the material for your wedding band. Then we’ll get into your best options for a beautiful, long-lasting band. Everyday life on your finger means your ring will come into contact with all sorts of things — liquids, messes and sharp corners to name a few. You know you’ll want something that’s pretty resistant to scuffs (or that looks good when it’s a little beat up), and you want something that’s quick and easy to clean, but you also need to keep an eye out for two other big ring pitfalls: rust and tarnish.


What is Rust?

Of course, you’ve seen rust before, but what is it actually made of? And what kinds of metal are most susceptible? To get super technical, rust is a form of iron oxide. It shows up when iron and oxygen mingle — especially if there’s some moisture around. Metals like iron (of course), aluminum and copper are some of the most likely to rust.


What you need to know when it comes to rings, though, is that it’s a form of corrosion. In fact, rust can damage the metal underneath, so it’s definitely something you want to avoid!


What is Tarnish?

Then there’s the other kind of corrosion that often shows up on rings — tarnish. Unlike rust, it doesn’t damage the metal itself, but it’s not a good look and is definitely worth avoiding. Like rust, tarnish is formed by a chemical reaction, and it’s likely to cause problems for metals like silver, copper and brass. It’s fairly easy to clean off with the right solution, but it’s even easier to not have to deal with it in the first place.


How Can You Choose a Wedding Band that Won’t do Either?

Do we have some good news for you. No matter what metal you choose, all of Jordan Jack’s rings are rust resistant, and most (except silver) are resistant to tarnish as well, so, if choosing something that won’t corrode is important to you, we have a wide variety of options for you!


Of course, when it comes to picking a ring, there are other things to consider as well. Let’s jump in and see if we can find your perfect ring — starting with your least-expensive choices.


Budget-Friendly Options for the Savvy Groom



We’ll kick things off with one of the least expensive rings on the market — titanium. This ultra-strong metal is used in all sorts of industrial contexts because it’s both durable and affordable. Here at Jordan Jack, our titanium rings are just $99 — unless you want to spice it up with a bit of sparkle, in which case you can spring for titanium with a diamond for $149. It resists both rust and tarnish, and there’s no doubt that it will last just as long as your love and commitment.


Stainless Steel

This is another strong and durable option. It may make you think of pots and pans (and it’s great for that since it resists rust and tarnish), but stainless steel isn’t confined to the kitchen anymore. Everything that makes it a great choice in other contexts mean it’s also a fabulous wedding band choice. And it’s affordable, coming in between $99 and $179. And, with several diamond options and color variations, you can really display your personality and have a little fun!


Taking it to the Next Level



Is your budget just a bit bigger? Are you ready to take it up a notch? How about cobalt? This is another super strong metal that’s here for the wear and tear of your daily life. It doesn’t rust or tarnish, and it still comes in at a pretty affordable price — just $129 unless you want the flash of a diamond, in which case you can still get a beautiful ring for just $249. It really dresses things up and is a great way to share your style with the world.



Another great step up is tungsten. This is another super strong metal that will last forever — just like your love. It resists rust and tarnish, and it’s still super affordable — all our options come in at just $149 (unless, of course, you’re looking for something extra special with a flash of diamond). It’s the perfect symbol of your eternal love.



Tantalum makes for a classy, classic option. It’s incredibly strong, up to any challenge you might put it through and super resistant to rust and tarnish. And, of course, it’s pretty affordable, coming in at just $149 to $199. A small price to pay for a gorgeous way to symbolize and signify your love!


The Gold Standard


14kt Gold

It may not be quite as inexpensive, but gold is (no pun intended) the gold standard when it comes to durable, life-long wedding bands. Gold bands don’t rust or tarnish, they can always be resized and they stand up well to the occasional scuff or scrape. They’re a bit more of an investment at $400 to $600, but, when it comes to a symbol of a forever love, we don’t think there’s a more worthwhile way to share your love with the world.  


Choosing the One that’s Just Right

Ultimately, the right choice for you comes down to everything from preference to style to budget. But you can rest assured that, with any of these options, you’re in good hands and will have a durable, corrosion-free ring for forever!

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