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Updated on October 28, 2020. Originally posted on April 23, 2019. 


Have you and your partner decided to make your commitment to each other official? Congratulations! Time to get busy attending to the many details regarding planning the wedding! Tuxedo fittings, meetings with the caterer and florist, choosing the reception venue, entertainment, and so much more!


One of the most enjoyable efforts you’ll undertake is finding the perfect wedding band for each of you. AtJordan Jack, an online retailer specializing in a unique try at home service for designer mens wedding bands, we know that shopping for wedding bands can also be a bit stressful.


In a perfect world, money would be no object when it comes to selecting the right wedding band. But in the real world, most couples must stick to some sort of budget when choosing the band they will slip on their partner's finger on the big day! 


The good news is that you don't have to spend $1,000 or more in order to find a quality custom-fit and comfortable men's wedding band. At, you can shop for a wide range of affordable mens wedding rings. The better news is that the affordability of our mens wedding bands comes without sacrificing style or quality. And the best news of all is that Jordan Jack offers you and your fiancée a Home Try On wedding band service. Simply select your five favorite wedding bands and we'll send them to you free of charge. You then have the luxury of taking a few days to examine them, wear them, and decide on the right choice for you – all from the comfort of your own home.


Jordan Jack’s Favorite Affordable Wedding Bands

With so many amazing choices, it’s hard to pick a favorite. We’re here to help with some of the rings we think are particularly outstanding. No matter which band you choose from Jordan Jack, you can feel confident that you got a gorgeous ring at a price that makes you smile.


  1. Titanium Satin Finish Center Band, 8mm:
    Titanium Satin Finish Center Band, 8mm
    We love this one for its contemporary metal combined with a classic look. Polished edges contrast a satin finished center, giving this ring all the bells and whistles at a phenomenal price.
  2. Sterling Silver High Polished Band, 8mm:
    Sterling Silver High Polished Band, 8mm
    Timeless styling and polished finish make this ring look like a million bucks. Thanks to its sterling silver composition you’ll get the look without breaking the bank.
  3. Tantalum Bronze Brushed Finish Domed Band, 8mm:
    Tantalum Bronze Brushed Finish Domed Band, 8MM
    A stunning, polished inner band pairs perfectly with a brushed bronze outer band for a ring that oozes sophistication. At a price point that will have you looking twice, this one is a sure winner.
  4. Tungsten Black & Rose Natural Black Sapphire Band, 8mm:
    Tungsten Black & Rose Natural Black Sapphire Band, 8MM
    A work of art at a price you won’t believe. A sleek black band is joined with an inner band of rose gold


The Jordan Jack Signatures of Quality

There are several key features of Jordan Jack’s affordable wedding bands for men that you should keep in mind:



There never seems to be enough hours in the day when you are planning your wedding. That's why Jordan Jack eliminates the hassle of shopping for mens wedding bands by offering you a unique try at home service. Simply look over our array of beautiful and affordable mens wedding bands, choose up to 5 that look the most promising, and we will box them up and deliver them to your home at no additional charge. We've even included an online sizing guide so the rings you choose to try on will be a comfortable fit! Once you’ve received your rings, you can spend several days living with them on your finger; testing driving them for friends and family. There are no busy shopping malls to deal with, no condescending store clerks, and no aggressive sales people pushing you into a hurried decision you'll regret later. 


Quality and Exceptional Value

Just because the price tag on a wedding band is reasonable doesn't mean the ring is poorly-designed or cheaply made. We know you have plenty of choice online for vendors marketing their wedding bands as "affordable.” But when you look closely, many of these affordable deals sacrifice quality materials and style.


This isn't true at Jordan Jack. Our affordable rings for men utilize only authentic qualitymaterialsin their construction. These include14K gold,sterling silver,stainless steel,titanium,cobalt,tungstenandtantalum. Some of our wedding band designs even feature authenticdiamondsfor an even more impactful look. Our selection also includes the increasingly popular and sought-afterblack wedding bandsfor men and unique contemporary materials likecarbon fiber.



It feels great to have a choice. At Jordan Jack, our online showroom doesn't just feature one or two affordable wedding rings for men as a marketing ploy to get you to ultimately look at the higher priced merchandise. There’s zero bait and switch. We offer you the option of more than a dozen styles featuring different materials and designs that are very affordably priced. 



At Jordan Jack, one of the important signatures of our wedding rings for men is attention to detail and style. If you want a ring that features simplicity, you can find it at Jordan Jack. But if you love more intricacy and detail in a wedding band's styling, you will certainly be pleased by the many different options available through our Home Try-On service. Our inventory includes affordable rings featuring astep edge bandorblock designtosatinorpolished bandsand bands highlighting acenter mesh. And, yes, you can even afford a wedding ring design from Jordan Jack that includes adiamond solitaire.


Personal Service

Jordan Jack has earned a reputation as the no-stress online resource for weddings bands you can wear proudly without going broke! But unlike certain discount jewelry houses where you are completely on your own throughout your search, Jordan Jack provides personal attention to every customer to help you make the right choice. Our $99 wedding rings entitle you to the same personalized customer service as our $999 rings.


Putting It All In Perspective

Have you ever turned to your partner and told them, "you make me feel like a million bucks.” What a great feeling! But that doesn't mean the rings you exchange on your wedding day have to cost thousands of dollars in order to express that feeling. 


A wedding ring is an extremely personal and emotional choice. It represents so many things, including the hopes, dreams and wishes you have for your married life together. Whether you are a millennial discovering true love for the first time, or a boomer rediscovering it, the amount you pay for a wedding band will never fully represent the love, sharing, and commitment you have for each other.


It's never a smart idea to get carried away by going into debt over a wedding ring purchase. Countless Jordan Jack customers have told us how happy they are with their decision to stick to a budget when purchasing wedding bands. Time and again we also hear how impressed they were with the affordable choices they selected using our Home Try-On service.


Our selection of affordable wedding bands might surprise you. Each of them has an artisan style of craftsmanship and is made from only the highest quality materials. They’ve been designed for style, comfort and ease of wear and are guaranteed to last through the many wedding anniversaries you’re sure to enjoy in the years to come. 


We invite couples planning their new life together to explore the affordable wedding band options for men on our website and then take advantage ofJordan Jack's unique home try-on serviceto find the wedding ring that speaks to you.Jordan Jackmakes it possible for you to make an investment in a quality wedding ring at an affordable price – a price that’ll free you from unnecessary financial stress during one of the most meaningful times of your life. 

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