5 Trends a Groom Needs to Know in 2020

Follow the trends or blaze your own trail for the groom and groomsmen clothes in your wedding. Look great doing it with these top trends for men for 2020.


Updated on July 13, 2020.


You might not be the trendiest guy in the world, but when it comes to your wedding, it’s your time to shine. The beauty of today’s weddings is in the freedom they offer to choose from a wide range of non-traditional clothes and non-traditional rings. You can be as fashionable as you want, or as maverick as you desire.

However, you will still want to match your bride’s style so that your chosen look also hits home visually that you’re a couple. If she has a formal evening gown with long train, you will likely feel uncomfortable in khaki. The bride’s dress is the first thing people look at in a wedding, but the second is the groomsmen’s attire.

When listening to your fiancée talk about your wedding, you should be able to gain an idea of how formal it is going to be. This will help you in choosing the right sartorial style, identifying the trends that you love and want to incorporate into your wedding. Your friends at Jordan Jack have compiled 5 fun and formal trends for this year to get you started as you determine what you want for yourself and your groomsmen.


Trend: Black with Color

The most traditional color combo for the groom’s tux is black and white. And although we still love a classic look, there’s a lot to be said for adding an eye-catching complementary color as a modern spin. We’re seeing one bright color for vests, ties, cummerbunds and pocket squares that provide a blast of color for the groom, and the same color of ties for the groomsmen.

When it comes to the color itself, whatever works with the bridesmaids’ colors is going to be the right choice. Caribbean blue, electric aqua, nautical navy, riotous red or even hot pink can make great ensembles. If you don’t want to go with a tux, a well-fitted black suit with a great vest, tie and pocket kerchief in the hero color is a great choice for yourself.

The Extras

  • Provide your men with the right color tie to go with their own black suits to save them money. You may want them to have the vest and tie in the same color.
  • Ties with bold patterns are in great demand today. Don’t be afraid to go big with the color, pattern and weave.
  • Suspenders are a fun addition to contemporary suits and they work well for bigger guys.
  • Even your ring can get in on the game. Choose abold black ring with a pop of colorto coordinate with your wedding attire. That way you can carry a visual reminder of this awesome day forever.

Black Matte Finish Tungsten Blue Center Grooved Fashion Band, 8mm

Trend: Mismatched Vests and Ties

For more casual weddings, such as destination weddings or outdoor locations, consider having the men dress in a variety of different waistcoats. Choose a color graduation that works with the ladies’ colors and shop for two or more styles of vests to distribute to your men.

Current trends have tall vests that come up three-fourths of the way to the neck, with 4 buttons. If you’re going to go crazy with the mismatched look, keep in mind the cut of the vest as well as the fabric and color. One of those categories should be the same to give a more pleasing visual appeal.

If you choose to go conservative with the vest color and style, the tie may be your chance to have some fun. Or, if your vests are bold, tone it down with a gray or taupe tie. The tie can make or break the outfit, so it’s a good idea to make sure you nail it.

Match the slacks perfectly to the vest for the “wow” factor. Skinny pants are on their way out, but they are still readily available. Regardless, before you go all-in, consider the build of your guys. If they are big and square, skinny pants will make them look like ice cream bars. If they are slim and athletic, they’ll rock the skinnies.

Before you decide, know the difference between pants and slacks. Pants are cotton blends and can bunch and bag for a more casual, lived-in look. Slacks are wool blends that hang with a pleat down the front to look well-dressed. Both are comfortable in their own way, but they have a dramatically different effect on the style of the wedding.

The Extras

  • Give everyone--including yourself--a fob watch and have the chains hang all on the same side to add some continuity to the picture.
  • Use a light colored tie, like gray, on white shirts for all the men to give just a hint of dressiness to the more casual vest look.
  • Bow ties are a great choice for vests, but stay conservative with the colors or patterns to avoid any unwanted clown references.
  • The groomsmen in vests and bow ties, and the groom in a suit and tie, make a great combination that quickly highlights the groom.
  • Choose aclean and minimalistic ringto keep your mismatched look pulled together.

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Trend: Same Fabric, Different Colors

Another great idea is letting the men all have their own color of suits or vests and slacks, but staying in the same fabric and style. If everyone has a tweed, herringbone or seersucker suit with vest, then there’s some wiggle room for individual suit colors and tie colors. This allows for personal expression without sacrificing a cohesive look. The guys will appreciate the latitude and it guarantees they will get good use out of their suits in the future.

The Extras

  • Choose the ties yourself to stay with the same width and style. Choose neutral tie colors for the men who went bold with their suit colors and get a bright color for the more conservative suits.
  • On a budget? Let the guys wear one of their own ties and let them be stylishly mismatched.
  • The groom should look the best with a great suit and maybe a pocket watch and a boutonniere that sets him apart from the guys.
  • ThisTwo-Tone Faceted Band from Jordan Jackis proof that one material can look great in different colors.

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Trend: Alternative Metal for the Groom’s Ring

Your wedding band should be a place where your personality shines. If a classic men’s gold wedding band isn’t quite right for you, how about a titanium beauty? Like a dazzling shout of color? Take a look at some cobalt wedding bands. Want a ring that will stand the test of time? Check out our men’s tantalum rings. Optionally, a glossy silver wedding bands or modern stainless steel wedding rings might be the best way to show off your unique style.

The Extras

  • Consider what type of metal fits your lifestyle before you decide what you want.
  • Most men look better in either gold or silver. If you don’t know your best metal color, ask a fashionable friend for advice.
  • It’s never too early to start looking at men’s wedding bands. Order a selection of five rings from our unique Home Try On service to examine at home before you buy.

Trend: Brown Shoes

One fast and easy way to make your men stand out is to pair their semi-casual suits, blazer and slacks, or vest combos with brown shoes. You can let them bring their own brown shoes, or you can all get matching ones, but the finished look will be both casual and stylish.

Oxford dress shoes, ankle dress boots, leather dress shoes, chukkas or even wingtip boots all look great and can be mixed-and-matched. Just find out in advance if any will be rubber sneaker soles since that is quite different from wingtips.

The Extras

  • Have brown, tan and leather shoe polishes and brushes on hand to help out the guys who had to travel. The higher the shine, the more sophisticated the look.
  • If the men are all in suits, providing them with matching fun socks to go with their brown shoes can be a unique accessory that mixes things up.
  • Gold is a classic complement to brown. TryJordan Jack’s 14kt Yellow Gold High Polished Bandto create a look that will stand the test of time.

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Have Fun

Whatever trends you decide to follow, or whatever trails you decide to blaze on your own, enjoy the journey and the special moments with friends along the way. It will truly make your wedding day one to remember.

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