5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Choose the best romantic gift for your fiancée that will make you a hero. Try these 5 sure-fire ideas for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend


Getting your fiancée the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day can give you instant cred as the lead man in her life. All it takes is one amazing gift and she and everyone she knows will consider you a romantic hero. Think Romeo, Zorro and Prince Charming all rolled into one. After this, the wedding is going to be a cake walk. But first, you have to find the perfect gift to wow your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. 

Not every man is a natural when it comes to shopping. Rock climbing –yeah. Foosball –of course. But shopping for something that says “I love you” can leave the manliest man quaking in the corner. If the idea of choosing a romantic gift makes you want to ask your mom for help, then you’re in luck. The pros at Jordan Jack have compiled this list of 5 home run Valentine’s gift suggestions to get your creativity flowing.

Before You Start

To avoid the most common errors of getting the wrong size, the wrong color or just plain getting the wrong gift, take a quick inventory of your fiancée’s life. A stealthy visit to her bedroom will garner all kinds of useful intel. Take a broad look at her clothes. The color that shows up most often is probably her favorite. 

Glance over her jewelry to see whether gold or silver is her hero color. Is there a cultural style that you can deduce from her jewelry such as Asian, island/tropical, Victorian or Goth? Are there any bracelets or earrings? If you only see necklaces, don’t run out and buy her a bracelet. Stick with known territory when it comes to jewelry. But don’t be afraid to get her a quality and unique piece that comes just from her man that she will cherish forever.

Make sure you’ve had some creative conversations about her favorite things without being too obvious. Does she like to garden? What’s her favorite flower? Fresh or silk? What’s her favorite rainy day activity? What are her favorite foods and treats? Once you know these things, you’ll be ready to start shopping.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  1. Spa time– for the lady who lives a high stress life, consider giving her some pampering. How about a sampler basket of variety face masks and her favorite brand of nail polish? Or try a paraffin spa kit with an inspiring coloring book and fun colored pencils for a relaxing evening at home. Don’t forget the chocolate!
  2. Kitchen creativity – for the lady who loves to cook, a personalized kitchen item would be perfect. Avoid appliances or utilitarian gifts but think more to her tastes. A low-upkeep herb garden would supply fresh flavors for her dishes and add a cheerful splash of green. An olive oil pouring jar would make life easier for those quick splashes into the pan. If spices are a luxury expense, get her the spice rack of her dreams.
  3. Your future together – this is the time in life for the two of you to dream and dream big. A bucket list jar will get you started as you put your dreams into words and, eventually, into action as you build amazing memories together. Or, choose a beautiful album and print off your favorite photos of the two of you to get the album off the ground. 
  4. Jewelry is a hit– Valentine’s Day is the time for jewelry. It’s also an opportunity to brush up on your understanding of the different types of metals. Choose matching rings to show your love or get her something special. Jordan Jack offers a variety of wedding band options to choose from to ensure that you and your fiancee’s bands are complementary. If you noticed she needs a method to organize her treasures, a jewelry box, necklace hanger or mirrored vanity tray might be the perfect gift to accompany the jewelry you chose.
  5. Romantic lighting– nothing says “romance” better than soft lighting. A beautiful set of candles in her favorite colors or scents, or tea lights in elegant holders make nice gifts. Add a décor pillow that would look good in her living room and get ready to snuggle. Or grab a portable campfire and a lighter and head to her patio for a romantic fire that’s fully contained and simple to extinguish. Don’t forget the marshmallows. You might even get away with a corny comment about how she lights up your life.

Packaging Counts

Once you select the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart, it’s time to think about presentation. A beautiful box will work for a variety of gifts or a nice basket with attractive fill in the bottom is also a great choice. Again, think about what she likes and what kind of style defines her. A modern taste prefers an elegant box but a country charm loves all kinds of baskets.

Valentine’s Day on a Shoestring

For those on a tight budget, it doesn’t take much to make a beautiful Valentine’s Day memory together. Find her favorite childhood book at a secondhand store and read parts of it together. Cook for her while she relaxes with a fun-flavored soda. Watch a chick flick together with popcorn you made using a special flavoring from the spice aisle of the grocery store. Borrow her car to wash, vacuum and fill it up, then leave her favorite silk flower in the cup holder. 

Go for a classic stress buster: drive to a scenic vista and watch the sun set while you play romantic music. If it comes from your heart and brings some beauty into her life, it will be a hit. Don’t forget the homemade card with sincere expressions of your love.

Plan Ahead

If you start now, you’ll have enough time to order or assemble the perfect gift to show the depth of your love to the most important woman in your life. But don’t feel pressured. This gift should come from your heart and not have the air of being an obligation. With some extra thought, you don’t have to break the bank to make a beautiful statement to your love on Valentine’s Day.

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