2021 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

Planning ahead for Valentine’s Day? Look no further than Jordan Jack’s 2021 Valentine Gift Guide to get those creative gift-giving juices flowing.


Updated on February 10, 2021.


Whether yours is a budding romance or a firmly established relationship, you’ll want to give your love something special on Valentine’s Day. But deciding to give a gift and deciding on the gift itself are very different things. We all need a little help sometimes when it comes to gift ideas. Jordan Jack is here for you with our 2021 Valentine Gift Guide, with plenty of time to spare before February rolls around. 


Do you have a giant bank account to go with your giant heart? If money is no object and you’re big on grand gestures, go for it! Sometimes going all out can be fun for both you and your loved one, allowing you to do the things that you may have always dreamed of. If your budget is smaller or you both prefer the simpler things in life, allow your creativity to shine!  Often the best gifts are those that cost little to nothing.    

Experience, Tangible Item, or Both

Are you looking for a token of your love that will last a lifetime or do you prefer experiences over things? Maybe your love has their eye on something and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to present it. Perhaps you’ve both been dreaming of a romantic weekend, a fun day out together, or an extravagant luxury. Think about whether you’d prefer to gift an object or an experience or come up with creative ways to combine the two! 

Timing is Key

Don’t wait until the last minute. Planning ahead ensures your gift arrives on time and lets your lover know you didn’t just throw something together at the last minute. No matter the gift, the time and thought put into it are what really matter.

Find Something Your Partner Wouldn’t Buy for Themselves

We all harbor those little “wish list” items…things we’d like to have but we never buy. There are so many things vying for our time and budgets that we often deny ourselves many things that we’d love to have. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to think about the things your partner would enjoy but wouldn’t treat themselves to. Does she drool over a certain something every time you pass by a particular shop? Has he ever said aloud, “I always wanted (fill in the blank)?” Do you both share a bucket list item that you could do together? Turn these wishes into a Valentine’s gift!

Top 10 Valentine Gift Ideas

Once you’ve determined your budget and given some thought to the type of gift you’d like to give, it’s time to find just the right thing. Here are Jordan Jack’s Top 10 Valentine Gift Ideas to help you on your way:

10. Fancy Toiletries and Grooming Accessories

For guys, high-quality shaving accessories can be an unexpected gift. Many men wouldn’t think of buying these things for themselves but they’re in shaving heaven when they receive them as a gift. There are beautiful razors, natural bristle shaving brushes, shaving bowls, luxury shave soaps and aftershave oils, and kits that contain all of the above in a matching set. There are plenty of luxury shaving supplies for the ladies too, as well as luxury bath salts or bath oils, body oils, lovely French soaps, fancy makeup brushes, or that envy-worthy hair dryer she’s been seeing everywhere lately. Make sure it’s something extraordinary; don’t just walk into any chain store and buy a gift set. 

9. Small Indulgences

Sometimes the smallest things make us feel the most special. Particularly in winter when warmer days seem far away, small but well-made gifts can brighten up our days. Little luxuries can make beautiful and thoughtful gifts. A pair of handmade gloves crafted of high-quality materials are a thoughtful treat as are those with cashmere, shearling, or silk linings. If your loved one spends a lot of time on their feet, cashmere socks or handmade slippers provide welcome pampering. Do they love dessert or crave a favorite food from a faraway town? Order that special dessert or have their favorite food shipped to them. Find a real stationer in town, order monogrammed correspondence cards for your loved one, and write a love letter on the first one in the box. Champagne gummy bears, monogrammed trinkets, or a special book can all make your Valentine feel pampered and loved. 

8. Barware

Okay, we know this one seems odd, but hear us out. If your significant other loves spirits or cocktails or enjoys a good nightcap, things for their home bar can make great gifts. If they only have the basics, a nice bar tray, cocktail shaker, set of fancy tools, or specialty glasses for their favorite spirit can elevate your loved one’s cocktail game from college dorm to 007. Include some splits of champagne or a bottle of something really special to round out the gift.

7. A New Bag or Wallet

How many times have you put your wallet or sunglasses in her bag? How often do you see him rummaging through a disorganized wallet? This one can be tricky if you aren’t extremely familiar with his or her tastes. Ask some sly questions or go shopping with them and take a lap through the bags and wallets so you can pay close attention to the things that catch their eye.

6. But First, Coffee

Is your Valentine one who doesn’t function well until they’ve had their morning coffee? If so, kick their caffeine habit up several notches with a thermal French press, the latest and greatest espresso machine, a high-end bean grinder, or a coffee subscription. An insulated mug or a mug from somewhere special to the two of you could be a nice add-on. If yours is a tea lover consider a multi-temperature electric kettle, some exotic tea blends, rare honeys, or vintage English teacups and saucers.

5. Luggage

If you love to travel together, don’t let social distancing stop you. It’s possible to be responsible and safe while still getting away. A road trip to a drool-worthy national park or other outdoor locale could be just the thing to break your cabin fever. A great new weekend bag, backpack, or a high-end duffle are all solid choices for this gift. Want to go all-out? Include the itinerary and all the trimmings (complete with road trip snacks and bevs) for a surprise trip inside the new bag.

4. Flowers

Sure, you can go with the tried-and-true standby of a dozen roses or a beautiful floral arrangement delivered to your Valentine’s home or office, or you can put a modern twist on this time-honored tradition. A favorite plant will last far longer than a bouquet of flowers, or consider gifting a flower or bouquet subscription to make the blooms last all year long.

3. Picnic in the Park

This one can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish. You could buy a fancy new picnic basket and load it with gourmet goods, nice dishes, glasses, and flatware. If you’d rather keep it simple, pack sandwiches and snacks into a bag and grab a blanket. Either way, a picnic in the park is always romantic. Dial up the romance by planning a night picnic by candlelight or sending your lover on a scavenger hunt that ends at your location. 

2. Date Night at Home 

Make a box containing everything you need to have a fabulous evening at home. Maybe a food delivery gift card, some favorite cocktail fixings or a great bottle of bubbly, along with super soft pajamas, a nice candle, luxury throw, and an indoor s’mores kit and gourmet popping corn. If you plan to “Netflix and chill” have a romantic movie all queued up and ready to go.

1. Propose!

It may seem cliché, but Valentine’s Day remains the most romantic day of the year to pop the big question. There’s no better way to declare your undying love than to propose marriage to the one you’ll love forever. Of course, you’ll need a ring. Jordan Jack makes it easy to find the perfect engagement ring with their home try on service. Pick 5 rings, try them at home, choose your favorite, and return the sample box. https://jordanjack.com/how-it-works

If you’re already married or engaged, commemorate your love with a Jordan Jack ring that fits your love’s style and personality. With Jordan Jack it’s easy to make this Valentine’s Day one you both will never forget. 

Whether you go all out or keep it simple, the most important part of Valentine’s Day is ensuring your partner knows how much they’re loved. No matter how big or small the gift, the love that shines through will be what makes it the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

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